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F.D. Jordan

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Sex Crime Investigations: The Complete Investigator's Handbook
F.D. Jordan  More Info

About the Kansas City Police Department

The Kansas City Police Department was created on April 15, 1874, when the Board of Police Commissioners appointed Thomas M. Speers to fill the office from April 15, 1874, to May 4, 1895.  Today, the Department is comprised of approximately 1400 dedicated law enforcement officers supported and assisted by approximately 700 equally committed civilian employees. Police officers.

F.D. Jordan has over 21 years experience as a police officer working for the Kansas City Police Department (Missouri).  He has extensive experience working the Kansas City Police Department Special Victims Unit, Sex Crimes Section.  His is the author of Sex Crime Investigations: The Complete Investigator's Handbook.


According to the description of, Sex Crime Investigations: The Complete Investigator's Handbook, “when a sexual act occurs in combination with a physical or emotional assault, as in rape or child sexual abuse, highly sensitive issues often get misdirected, especially in the criminal justice system. For this reason, sex crime investigation in one field that investigators can ill afford to learn by trial and error. This book takes you step-by-step through how successful sex crime investigations are conducted and provides a clear and comprehensive look at the complexities and realities of the field that investigators and their agencies must learn to deal with, including selecting appropriate investigative personnel, gathering evidence at crime scenes, interviewing victims, interrogating suspected sex offenders and getting confessions, working with child sexual abuse victims, building solid cases for prosecution and much more. It is a must for investigators, prosecutors, defense attorneys, social workers, sexual assault victim advocates and the victims and their families.”

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