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Fairfield Police Department (Connecticut)

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Angelo DeLeon

About the Fairfield Police Department

The Fairfield Police Department currently employs 108 sworn officers, 100 authorized Special Police Officers, 15 Telecommunicators , 4 Animal Control officers, 7 Marina Guards, 6 full-time and several part-time civilian personnel. The department has four divisions; Patrol, Administrative, Special Services and Investigative as well as several specialized units within those divisions: Bike Patrol, Marine Patrol, Motorcycle Patrol, Emergency Response Team, Dive Team, as well as D.A.R.E. and Officer Friendly programs.


The patrol division is the largest division in the Fairfield Police Department. It consists of the uniformed police officers assigned to patrol duties.  Police officers staff this division 24 hours a day / 7 days a week and perform a wide range of patrol duties and community policing programs.


The Fairfield Police Department Investigative Division is responsible for conducting criminal investigations for a wide assortment of offenses, including: Narcotic Violations

Burglaries; Larcenies; Robbery; Sexual Assault; Missing Persons; Child Abuse ; and, Homicide  Detectives work with members of the Fairfield Police Department, other municipal and State of Connecticut law enforcement agencies as well as Federal agencies, such as FBI, DEA and Secret Service. Detectives are trained in advanced crime scene processing, interviewing, criminal investigations, etc. We also have members assigned to regional and State task forces.


The Fairfield Police Department Investigative Unit has a Youth Bureau that handles crimes against or involving juveniles. Two detectives are assigned to the Youth Bureau on a permanent basis and receive extra training in the areas of youth crime and neglect. The detectives work closely with the Department of Families and Children (DCF) and other local and State agencies. Information concerning juveniles is confidential.




Selected book from a Fairfield Police Department police officer.

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