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Terry O'Neill

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Terry O'Neill, founder and president of Constantine's Circus, Inc., is an Albany, New York-based lawyer, public relations consultant and freelance writer. He is the son of a Connecticut State Trooper, the grandnephew of six members of the Bridgeport, Connecticut Police Department and the great-grandson of a County Waterford police constable.

According to the book description of Constantine's Circus, "On November 18, 1993, the people of the Hamilton Hill neighborhood in Schenectady, New York awoke to find a huge drug raid going on around them involving some 500 state troopers, county deputies and city cops, a helicopter and two truckloads of Mobile Response Teams in battle gear. Within a few hours, over 110 drug dealers had been rounded up and carted away beginning a period of decreased crime that was to last for almost six years. That event also inspired this book." 

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