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Flutes and Flambeauxs

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Flutes and Flambeauxs



What is this strange land

Of flutes and flambeauxs


Dancing in the streets

To musak with strange beats?


It is the collage

Of cultures mixed


With French, Spanish, Creole

And international flare.


Have you seen the Indians

Of this partying town?


Yes, they call themselves Indians.

Dressed in flamboyant costumes


With beads and feathers

And painted faces.


Playing flutes and horns

Of mixed, music blends.


Dancing wildly

In the streets


Of the town

They call Novelle Orleans.


Makes no difference

Black nor white


Just the sound

Of people playing


Musak, games

And full of fun


On a day

Called Fat Tuesday.


Flambeaux?  "What is that,"

You ask?


When they party

Into the night


It is the flambeaux - -

Torch bearers -


Who make the light.


Tis a party

Day and night


That they play

Til dawns next light..


Happy Mardi Gras,

My friends!


Hope you live

To see it again!


2005 Roger C. Bull


About the Author

Roger Bull is a veteran sergeant with nine years experience in the Jefferson Parish Sheriffs Office (metropolitan New Orleans). He attended three colleges: Southeastern Louisiana University (biology, chemistry and physics), Louisiana State University Law Enforcement Institute (advanced police studies), and Holy Cross College via a grant from the Jefferson Parish District Attorneys Office Law Enforcement Assistance Program (criminology, psychology, sociology). 


His extra-curricular activities included volunteer work as an Assistant Scoutmaster (Troop 196), Tiger Cub leader, Cubmaster (96 Cubscouts in Pack 796) and adult trainer for the Boy Scouts of America. He is an Eagle Scout. He was on several church committees including building committees. Roger carves Native American flutes and plays flute music. He enjoys reading, hiking, camping, fishing, genealogical research (over 29 years of research on the family of Ambrose Bull, circa 1750), astronomy and electronics tinkering.


His secondary occupation was computer programming and consulting. He constructed his first computer from chip level, two years before Wozniak and Jobs retailed the Apple IIe. He has operated his own computer consulting business, Bull Data, since 1980. He is the founder of the West Bank computer Users Group (WBUG) which had 125 members.


He is a moderator for the Fairhope Writers' Group in Fairhope, Alabama. Think Sonny Brewer and the Southern Writers Conference. Sonny promotes southern writers, especially those living in and around Fairhope, Alabama. Through Joe Formicello and Suzanne Hudson, in a program granted by the State of Alabama Writers' Guild, Roger and Karen attended a writers workshop at the University of South Alabama. Upon completion of the course, the attendees decided that the group should continue to meet weekly to assist each other in polishing their respective work.


His wife, Karen, writes murder mysteries with crime scenes occurring mostly in New Orleans and others along the Gulf of Mexico. Her first three books are part of a trilogy. Some of the characters exist in all of the stories of this trilogy; but each can be appreciated as stand-alone novels. She has two other books in mind that are independent of the trilogy and each other. The non-published titles of the first two books are, "Past Ties" and "The Red Shoe."


He has published a book of poetry, "Within The Heart And Soul," in 2007. The profits of which were donated to his church for rebuilding an adult education building that burned in a fire.


Roger is currently writing a terrorist mystery, tentatively titled "El Rey del Tiempo: Its Not What You Think." It is an ambitious novel with eight strong characters from various parts of the world. The power, greed and political madness of the world has brought this group together for some chilling and thrilling episodes.

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