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American Thinking
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A Cop's Nightmare: Cloning the Ancients
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A Cop's Nightmare 2: Vampires in the Old West
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Lieutenant Frank Borelli is the Training Commander for the Fairmount Heights Police Department (Maryland) and has been a law enforcement instructor since 1989. Using his  six-year military background and twenty-year police background,  Frank Borelli regularly writes equipment evaluations and incorporates new technologies into his training programs. Currently Lieutenant Frank Borelli teaches use of force programs at all levels of law enforcement and corrections.


In addition to his police and military service, Frank Borelli began a writing career in 1999. With several dozen articles published internationally, he has become a recognized expert on police training techniques and technologies. Frank Borelli is currently a weekly columnist for the Blackwater Tactical Weekly as well as Officer.com, and Editor of the Borelli Consulting Forum News & Intel page. Frank Borelli s also the Editor In Chief for New American Truth magazine, a monthly publication launched in January 2007; and, a contributing editor for American Cop magazine, published bi-monthly.  He is also the author of A Cop's Nightmare: Cloning the Ancients, A Cop's Nightmare 2: Vampires in the Old West (the first two installments of a planned 12 series) and American Thinking. 


According to the book description of A Cop’s Nightmare 2, it “pits Morgan Blackwell and his best friend, Chuck Bendetti, against a conspiracy to recreate the state of Colorado as a “pure” vampire region. Traveling back to the 1860s, Morgan and Chuck find themselves pitted against a full team of vamp-clones, sent back to further the success of the conspiracy. As Morgan and Chuck battle vamp-clones and Indians in the old west, Karl and Don keep the modern-day vampire mayoral candidate from successfully completing the plan of a pure vampire colony started one hundred and thirty years before!”

According to the book description, American Thinking “is a collection of Frank Borelli's writings on a wide range of topics: the nature of being an American and the service-orientated nature of patriotism; the training necessary to so serve; the kinds of threats that we will need to address as patriots; the equipment (including mental equipment) we need; and a close look at the threat that will most define this generation: terrorism on our soil. If there's one theme that defines Frank's outlook and runs through this book, it is that terrorism will be the standard reality here in the U.S. in a very short time, and that we as a nation - each of us individually as citizens - will have to change to deal with it. And it's not a pretty picture. Life here will get more violent; the traditional social-work / liability-ruled approach to life - and to use-of-force in particular - will have to adapt; we will have to become genuine warriors. Short of this, we will become another Europe: appeasing, cowardly, statist, and basically controlled by any world-stage despot or philosophy. Frank is emerging as one of the leading writers on the consequences of this coming reality. He writes to the individual - not to the academicians, not to the social critics - but to you and me. His chapters in this book on the meaning of service, on facing up to the task at hand, and on training and preparation for it are critical reading. American Thinking will be one of the seminal publications that define what we are and what we do in this new world.”

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