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Criminal law and society
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Introduction to Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice
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From the History of the New York Police Department 

By act of April 15, 1826, the fees of constables and Marshal employed in the Police office were fixed as follows: For serving a warrant or summons within one mile, thirty-seven and a half cents, and six and a quarter cents for returning if the party was arrested or served. For very mile, going only, twelve and a half cents mileage; for taking the defendant in custody on commitment, twelve and a half cents; for conveying the party to prison, if within a mile, twelve and a half cents; for going with a defendant to procure a security, when ordered by the Justice, fifty cents; for serving a subpoena, when within a mile, twelve and a half cents, and twelve and a half cents additional for every additional mile, going only; for serving every search warrant when goods were not found, one dollar, but if found and they should exceed fifty dollars, then any sum not over two dollars and fifty cents, which he Justice might direct.


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Frank D. Day retired from the New York City Police Department after 21 years of service.  In May 1953, he joined the staff of the Southern Police Institute where he became the Associate Director of Training.  He is the co-author, A. C. Germann (formerly of the Los Angeles Police Department) of Introduction to Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice.   As of 1988, that book had gone into its 33rd printing.   Frank Day is the author of Criminal Law and Society.

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