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Frank Lombardo is a retired New York police deputy inspector. He holds a Master of Science Degree in Urban Affairs from Hunter College. Mr. Lombardo earned promotion to captain within 10 years of service, and subsequently was promoted to deputy inspector.

Frank Lombardo is the co-author (with Donald Schroeder) of seven books on entry level law enforcement examinations and promotional examination is law enforcement.  His is also the co-author of one supervision and management book for law enforcement officials.  These books include: Management and Supervision of Law Enforcement Personnel,  The Barron's Police Officer Exam Preparation Guide and the Barron's Police Sergeant Examination Preparation Guide.


One of his most recent books, How To Be Successful On Written Assessment Exercises For Police Promotion, provides “priceless insight into the pivotal written portion of promotional exams and expert guidance for achieving optimal scores and top ranking! Includes keys to understanding the scoring process, foundational principles of administration and supervision, time management advice and helpful samples including forms, memos, even a complete In-Basket practice exercise! Also shares detailed explanations of other important exercises including "Scheduling," "Video Simulation," and "Report Writing.”


According to one reader of How To Be Successful On Written Assessment Exercises For Police Promotion, “Needed some guides for promotion preparation. This is one of several that I purchased, and I think all helped a little in different areas.  If you have a lot of time to prepare and study (and you always should be preparing for promotion in ANY job) then get as many books & guides as you can. They will help you do better now, and get recognized now. When promotion time comes - you will be ready.”

According to the book description of Management and Supervision of Law Enforcement Personnel, “Schroeder and Lombardo have aptly applied their knowledge and expertise stemming from years of service on the force combined with years of teaching and consulting experience to create a timely and useful manual for law enforcement management and supervision. The many roles of the manager and supervisor are clearly defined and discussed at length, providing the reader with an apparent understanding about the satisfaction as well as the difficulty connected with successful leadership. Each chapter focuses on a specific function of the manager-supervisor; it is then broken down into the basic elements to which a successful law enforcement manager and supervisor must respond on a daily basis. This publication is a must not only for anyone studying for promotion in law enforcement, but also for current managers-supervisors who would like to improve their on-the-job performance. Topics include principles associated with a police supervisor's or manager's role as a leader, planner, communicator, performance evaluator, trainer, disciplinarian, and human relations specialist. And chapter 3 on The Managerial Function of Planning has been fully updated for the 4th edition. Additionally, the manager-supervisor will learn techniques pertaining to problem solving, field operations, and multicultural issues. Following each chapter is a short section to Test Your Understanding.”

According to the book description of Correction Officer Exam, “This manual presents a complete review of reading comprehension, math skills, memory-testing questions, and handling official forms plus an overview of correction officer duties and requirements, plus brush-up reviews covering. Also included are a diagnostic test and five practice exams similar to those given across the country. All exams come with answer keys, diagnostic charts, and answer explanations. New in this edition is a chapter designed to prepare candidates for the oral interview.”

According to the book description of Police Officer Exam, “Updated to reflect the most recent exams given across North America, this test prep manual presents four full-length practice exams with all questions answered and fully explained. Tests include two that were actually given by the New York City Police Department. Brand-new in this edition is a completely new diagnostic exam. It contains the latest question types found on recent police entry-level exams and guides candidates in quickly directing and focusing their study efforts. Other helpful features include instruction on writing police reports, advice on making the right impression at an admissions interview, an overview of police officers’ responsibilities, and additional practice questions with answers, which follow in-depth explanations of each question type normally found on official police officer exams.”

According to the book description of Court Officer Exam, “Updated to reflect recent exams, this manual provides solid test preparation for applicants taking federal, state, and local court officer exams. The authors present study tips, a diagnostic test, and four model exams typical of those currently administered. The exams come with answers to questions and self-diagnostic procedures. New in this edition is a chapter that takes into account the current trend in court systems to rely on oral interviews in the process of selecting court officers. The authors advise on ways to obtain the best score in such an interview.”

One reader of Police Officer Exam said, “I wanted to prepare as much as possible when it comes to becoming a cop. I had got this book because I wanted to learn more and know what I would be getting in an exam. When I flipped through this manual I was in total shock. I have never seen or read so much detailed information in my life. You can't go wrong with this book. They help you understand police forms, legal definitions, preparation for oral exams, writing reports, how to take tests, police procedures and so on. This book isn't just about the exams. This book actually briefs you on becoming a cop and some of the things that you're going come across or have to face. I got way more than I paid for.”

According to the book description of Police Sergeant Exam, “Revised and updated, this manual prepares police officers to take any of the various exams given throughout the country to qualify for promotion to the rank and responsibilities of police sergeant. A diagnostic test and three full-length practice exams are presented with answers and explanations. Subject review sections cover data analysis, police science, and community policing programs. Added features include brief practice-and-review quizzes and police assessment exercises with explained answers that are based on tests given by major police departments across the United States.”

Police Officer Exam (Barron's How to Prepare for the Police Officer Examination)
Donald J. Schroeder  More Info

How To Be Successful On Written Assessment Exercises For Police Promotion
Donald J. Schroeder and Frank A. Lombardo  More Info

Police Sergeant Exam (Barron's How to Prepare for the Police Sergeant Examination)
Donald J Schroeder  More Info

Correction Officer Exam
Donald J. Schroeder  More Info

How to Prepare for the State Trooper Examinations: Including Highway Patrol Officer (Barron's How to Prepare for the State Trooper Examinations)
Donald J. Schroeder  More Info

Court Officer Exam (Barron's Court Officer Exam)
Donald J. Schroeder  More Info

How to Prepare for the Police Sergeant Examination (Barron's How to Prepare for the Police Sergeant Examination)
Donald J. Schroeder  More Info
Management and Supervision of Law Enforcement Personnel, 4th Edition
Donald Schroeder Frank Lombardo  More Info

According to one reader of How to Prepare for the State Trooper Examinations: Including Highway Patrol Officer, “This book is for anyone who wants to be a State Policeman. It has all of the necessary information for studying, hints for the test day and your interview, things you should and shouldn't do during the interview. It prepares you for actual test questions on the test, ie: what kind of test questions to expect. This is the study book of all study books. Highly recommended to the individual who wants to really be a police officer.”

From the History of the New York City Police Department 

The year 1805 gives us an early example of a "good arrest." It was rewarded by the Common Council, thought not with surprising liberality. On July 8 the Watch committee recommended the appropriations of $23 to reward the Marshals and Watchmen, who apprehended Francisco, a Portuguese, charged with murder. The allowance was made, being divided as follows: $5 to Richard Nixon, and $2 each to N. Hill, J. Lockwood, J. Williams, Stephen Hall, Robert Furlong, -----Banta, P. Paulding, Thomas Darling, and Thomas Freeburn. Francisco was afterwards, committed and executed.

In 1806 the Legislature fixed the Constable's bond at $500, and the bond of the Justices' Clerks at $2,500. The board of Health was authorized to raise $25,000 by lottery, the money to be applied to the erection of buildings for the accommodations of persons suffering from malignant diseases, and twelve men were added to the Watch. The men returned to the charge respecting their pay. Their petition was referred to the Watch Committee. The Common Council resolved that no person should thereafter be appointed Watchman until he had been inspected and approved by the Watch committee. The committee was authorized to station a guard before any church during the hours of worship on the request of the congregation. The removal of the Watchmen's boxes was ordered, as being obnoxious during summer,. And a preamble was adopted setting forth that several Watchmen the Third district were reported by Captain Goodheart to be also firemen, and when fire broke out left their regular posts to aid in extinguishing it. This was followed by a resolution that no fireman should be a Watchmen of the City. The City Superintendent of Repairs was instructed to furnish painted and numbered staves to Constables and Marshals.


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