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So You Want to Be a Cop
Frank Pickens  More Info

About the Burlingame Police Department

According to the Burlingame Police Department, “The police department employs 42 full-time sworn police officers and 20 full-time civilian personnel who provide police services 24 hours per day and 7 days per week. Structurally, the department is divided into two major divisions: Field Operations and Support Services.

The Field Operations Division is composed of 33 sworn personnel, these employees provide an immediate uniformed police response (providing protection, service and assistance) to our citizens 24 hours a day. The Field Operations Division also provides special technical on-call units that include a Special Weapons and Tactics Team (Swat), Tactical Negotiations Team (TNT) and a Critical Incident Stress Management Team (CISM). The Traffic/Parking Bureau is responsible for the management of the bureau, for traffic collision investigations and for both parking and traffic enforcement and related functions. Additionally, 5 non-sworn Parking Enforcement Officers and 2 non-sworn meter repair/support personnel are charged with parking, meter and abandoned vehicle enforcement, as well as meter, pay by space device collection and repair.

The Support Services Division is composed of 9 sworn and 13 non-sworn civilian personnel, these employees provide assistance and support to the entire police department and include responsibilities for; maintaining records and statistics, recruiting and hiring new employees, providing 24 hour communications/dispatch services, developing and maintaining information technology, over-seeing personnel training and facility maintenance, as well as providing a multitude of other services to the public. The Investigations Bureau is also responsible for major crimes investigations, management of property and evidence, tracking registered sex offenders and parolees, and for covert enforcement of narcotics, vice and other operations, as needed.”

Police officers Frank Pickens and Jeff Bonilla of the Burlingame Police Department are the authors of So you Want to be a Cop.  According to the authors, “When the idea for this book first came to us, we were parked side by side in our patrol cars, talking about the many ups and downs of being police officers. We began to discuss the many books about cops that had been written over the last few years, and it became apparent to us that there wasn't a current book out that gave anyone interested in police work any insight or guidelines on what to expect in a career as a police officer. 


According to one reader/review of So you Want to be a Cop, “This book is well written and easy to follow. I was going to start the police academy so i bought this book to get an insiders look on things. It has a lot of great info and is right on with how the entire process works and what to expect. Ive read this book three times and every once in a while I pick it up just to read a chapter or one of the authors real life stories. This book is perfect for someone that is going to be a police officer, for someone that wants to know how officers think or if you’re a vet and want to remember the good old days. I recommend this book.”

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