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Fred R. Ferguson

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Managing Police Organizations (7th Edition)
Paul M. Whisenand  More Info

About the Salinas Police Department

The Salinas Police Department consists of 171 sworn police officers and 55 non-sworn personnel operating on a budget (2006) of 18.5 million dollars.  The Salinas Police Department is a full-service law enforcement agency responsible for providing primary law enforcement services to a city of over 140,000.


Ninety-four Salinas Police Department police officers are assigned to patrol duties in the Field Operations Division.  The Field Operation Division also consists of the “Traffic Unit is comprised of four officers and a sergeant. Two of the officers ride Harley-Davidson motorcycles while the other two utilize special equipped marked patrol cars which have fore and aft moving radar and video. Traffic enforcement and accident investigation are their central focus. The K-9 Unit is also within Field Operations. Currently there are two canine teams, each assigned to the afternoon Watch of Patrol.


The Crime Scene Investigators (CSI) Unit is also within Patrol. The investigators are uniformed officers, generally assigned to Beat areas. Upon discovery of complex or major crimes, the investigators will respond and begin the crime scene investigation. Evidence must be located, documented, then collected. Later, certain pieces of evidence may be subjected to more intense processing; utilizing lasers and other pieces of high tech equipment. All CSI's have been specially trained in photography and the use of other special evidence processing equipment.


Special Operations also falls within Field Operations. The need for police services assigned to a specific event (such as the annual California Rodeo or the California Air Show) is analyzed and the appropriate staffing adjusted. Special Operations also has responsibility for the Department's Police Reserve program.”




Fred R. Ferguson became the chief of police for the Salinas Police Department in the summer of 1977.  He is the co-author of The Managing of Police Operations.  According to the book description, “The Managing of Police Organizations, now in its fifth edition, is still THE essential text for any course in police organization and management, as well as for officers studying for promotional exams. While most texts in this area focus only on the basics on how to pass a promotional exam, this text takes a stronger and more prescriptive approach that teaches the reader exactly what he or she can do to create a stronger and more effective agency.


With a complete look at how to manage a police organization, including leadership strategies, stress management, and police community relations, The Managing of Police Organizations is the only choice for a complete understanding of police management.”

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