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Fred Otash

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Investigation Hollywood
Fred Otash  More Info

From the History of the Los Angeles Police Department (lapdonline.org)

In any event, Vollmer, a dedicated reformer and administrator, completely reorganized the Department. He improved working conditions, established new standards of professionalism, and laid the groundwork for what since has become the Department’s Scientific Investigation Division. He also formed a 300-man "Crime Crushers Division," forerunner of today’s Metropolitan Division, to focus personnel resources on high crime areas. It was Vollmer who made the often-quoted statement: "There is no higher calling than that of a policeman. I would rather be a policeman than President." But when his year was up, politics again took over and remained a dominating influence until Fletcher Bowron became Mayor in 1938 and a series of major reforms were instituted.

Fred Otash was a legendary LAPD officer in the 1940s.  A clash with the brass motivated him to resigned and ultimately become one of the most notorious Hollywood Private Investigators.  He tells all in “Investigation Hollywood.”  In the book, Lana Turner’s Bedroom, Gaby Wood wrote, “…..suggested to Lana that she call the most celebrated criminal lawyer in Los Angeles, Jerry Giesler. Giesler was nicknamed 'the magnificent mouthpiece'; he had got Errol Flynn cleared of two rape charges and Bugsy Siegel cleared of murder. He arrived with a private eye, Fred Otash, who was a former vice cop and fed stories to Confidential magazine on the side. By now the house was surrounded—by medics, policemen and neighbors in bathrobes.”  Fred was everywhere and into everything.

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