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Sins, Stones & Glass Houses: Let He Who Is Without Sin, Cast The First Stones
G. J. Herrey  More Info

About the Lee County Sheriff’s Office:

The Lee County Sheriff's Office headquarters is located at 14750 Six Mile Cypress Parkway, Fort Myers, Florida.  There are several Sheriff's Office districts, each with an office.  Resident deputies are also assigned to Boca Grande and Captiva islands. The Sheriff is defined as a "constitutional officer" and derives his legal authority from the Constitution of the State of Florida.  The Sheriff is vested with the ability to appoint and direct deputies who will act in his name and office to enforce the appropriate and applicable laws of the State of Florida.  Those deputies of the Lee County Sheriff's Office who are Certified Law Enforcement officers must maintain a thorough working knowledge of the laws they enforce and the underlying principals from which they emanate. 

The Office of the Sheriff of Lee County, Florida, has a duty to enforce both the Florida State Constitution and Florida State Statutes, and to provide for the security, safety and wellbeing of its citizens. This is accomplished through the delivery of law enforcement services, the operation of the Lee County Jail, and the provision of court security.  The Office of the Sheriff functions as the Executive Officer of the court.


There are five (5) distinct operational units under the Sheriff known as Bureaus (please see links to the left).   Each Bureau is comprised of divisions, sections and units with specific functions and responsibilities.  In addition, the Chief Deputy has been assigned the direct responsibility of several operational units under the direction of the Sheriff.




G.J. Herrey is a retired police officer from the Lee County Sheriff’s Office (Florida).  His novel is Sins, Stones and Glass Houses.  According to the book description, “This novel begins in a city in Florida, where Zachary Naccarato, a decorated veteran, has just been awarded honors for catching a serial murderer. Shortly thereafter Sergeant Naccarato finds himself involved in a high stakes game of corruption, conspiracy, and murder. He is lured into the game of a madman, baited by his only true seduction: his quest for the truth. After a series of ritualistic murders are blamed on Naccarato, he is forced to resign from his career with the possibility of his arrest looming ever near. His life in disarray, Zach sets out to clear his name. Slowly, from the peripheral corners of each turned page, the killer emerges for an ultimate showdown. Conspiracy, betrayal, corruption, and the ultimate sin: homicide, are interwoven within the plot.”

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