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Former Deputy Sheriff Gabe Rodriguez, Winnebago County Sheriff’s Office, was “born in Rockford, Illinois, and raised in the small town of Winnebago, Illinois, G.B. Rodriguez was an avid reader during his childhood--westerns, mysteries, adventures, science fiction, anything he could get his hands on. Rodriguez says he most admires John Steinbeck and Ernest Hemmingway for "their realism and honesty."

Beginning in his early twenties, Rodriguez wrote short stories as a hobby, penning roughly forty of them. During his studies at Rockford College, however, a number of his professors encouraged him to pursue some form of writing as a career path. Several novellas followed, all of them legal dramas, though he chose not to publish them. The Prize Behind the Fire (October 2008) was his first full-length novel, which he began during the fall of 2006. After completing The Prize Behind the Fire, he began work on Vengeance: The Wrath of Angels, a police drama, in December of 2008. He is currently working on The Cleansing of Souls, a law enforcement-based psychological thriller and his second book in the Blue Community series.”

According to the book description of “Vengeance: The Wrath of Angels revolves around the abduction of a six-year-old boy, Andy Mellor, whose disappearance the local authorities and the FBI are unable to solve. Ten years later, rookie detective Randon Spires is assigned the case and soon uncovers evidence of the kidnapper's identity, a lifelong felon with a deep history of sexual deviance and violence. Detective Spires has marked personal flaws, but he possesses a tremendous passion for his profession. Throughout the course of the novel he undergoes a personal evolution, from a carousing, womanizing drunk, to the beginnings of a man with integrity. During the course of his investigation he teams up with the original detective who worked the case, one Clarence "Juke" Edwards. Edwards is also a flawed soul, although he, too, has a strong moral compass and a passion for police work. And as it becomes more apparent that the kidnapper may not pay for his crime, the former detective is driven towards revenge.”

Vengeance: The Wrath of Angels: The Blue Community (Volume 1)
G. B. Rodriguez  More Info

About the Winnebago County Sheriff’s Office

The Winnebago County Sheriff’s Office is a full-service law enforcement agency organized into an Administrative Services, Corrections, Patrol Bureau and Detective Bureau. The Patrol Bureau of the Winnebago County Sheriff’s Office contain the Uniform Services Division.  According to the Winnebago County Sheriff’s Office, the “Uniformed Services Division’s primary function is to provide police services to the citizens of unincorporated Winnebago County. The Uniformed Services Division is responsible for overall supervision of the Special Operations Section as well. Technology continues to drive changes for the Patrol Bureau. Officers can now access information such as police reports, arrest records, citation, Orders of Protection, warrants and sex offenders all from the laptop in their squads. In addition, there are aerial maps of the county, with maps of all “hot spots,” including potential targets of terrorism, sex offenders and high crime areas all accessible from within the squad car. Officers can also conduct name, date of birth, partial license plate, nickname, gang affiliation, address and mug shot searches from their laptops.


The Patrol Bureau now employs a wireless system for its squad cars where officers can write and submit police reports and crash reports electronically. In addition to this, printers have been installed in all marked squads so tow-in reports and crash reports can be printed out while on scene. In the near future traffic citations will be computer generated and printed from the squad cars as well.”

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