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Gary Cordner

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Policing Perspectives: An Anthology
Oxford University Press, USA  More Info

Managing Police Organizations
Anderson Publishing Company (OH)  More Info

Study Guide: Police Administration
Gary W. Cordner/Kathryn E. Scarborough/Robert Sheehan  More Info

Police & Society
Roy Roberg  More Info
Police Administration
Gary W. Cordner  More Info
Managing Police Personnel
Anderson Pub Co  More Info

About the St. Michaels Police Department

In 1677 an Episcopal Parish was established on the banks of the Miles River and named after Saint Michael the Archangel. From its early days as a shipbuilding town through its twentieth century transformation into a tourist and sailing haven, St. Michaels and its citizens have maintained a way of life that is renowned for its beauty, tranquility and craftsmanship. The town, as surveyed in 1804, was laid out in three squares. St. Mary's Square today is the site of a museum bearing its name which is a must-see for any visitor interested in the history of St. Michaels..


Under the direction of the Commissioners and the Town Manager, Chief of Police Dennis and the staff of seven, address the public safety of town property, residents and visitors. At all times, and within jurisdictional limits, the St. Michaels Police Department is charged to prevent crime, crashes and traffic congestion, preserve the peace, protect life and property, detect and arrest violators of the law, and enforce the laws of the United States, State of Maryland, and local ordinances. Lastly the police department assists the public in any reasonable manner, such as issuance of local parking permits and scheduled fingerprinting.







After beginning his career in law enforcement as an officer with the Ocean City Police Department (Maryland), Dr. Gary Cordner obtained a Ph.D. in social science from Michigan State University. He taught at Washington State University and the University of Baltimore before returning to law enforcement as chief of police of St. Michaels Police Department (Maryland) in 1984.  He remained as the chief of police until 1987 when he joined the faculty of Eastern Kentucky University.  In 1997, Gary Cordner was named the Dean of Eastern Kentucky University’s College of Law Enforcement. 


The president of the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences, Cordner also has served as co-editor or co-author of seven policing textbooks and is the editor of Police Quarterly and a Senior Research Fellow with the Police Executive Research Forum. Among his books are: Managing Police Organizations (1995); Managing Police Personnel (1996); Policing Perspectives: An Anthology (1998); Police Operations: Analysis and Evaluations (1996); Police Administration (2003); and, Police and Society (2004)


According to the book description of Police and Society, “To adequately explain the complex nature of police operations in a democracy, the authors have integrated the most important theoretical foundations, research findings, and contemporary practices in a comprehensible, yet analytical, manner. Contemporary issues and future prospects of policing are fully addressed. The text features an emphasis on the relationship between the police and the community--as well as how this relationship has evolved over time. The impact of this evolution on current police practices, especially with respect to community policing and policing in the post-9/11 era, is explored.”

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