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Gary Delfino

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Conscience of a Dead Killer
Gary Delfino  More Info

About the Sonoma County Sheriff's Department

Since 1850 the Sonoma County Sheriff's Department has been providing law enforcement, court security services and detention services to the citizens of Sonoma County. Currently the Department is comprised of over 1,000 employees. Servicing a county of over 1600 square miles and population of nearly 500,000, the Sheriff's Department is responsible for primary law enforcement services of the unincorporated area and the cities of Windsor and Sonoma. These law enforcement services are provided by the over 275 Deputy Sheriffs in the Patrol Bureau, Investigations Bureau, Court Security and Transportation Bureaus.


The Detention Division is comprised of over 300 Correctional Officers and Support Staff in two facilities. These direct supervision facilities have a combined daily inmate population of nearly 1,200.


Many other services such as Crime Prevention, serving of Civil processes, and the participation in many enforcement task forces the Sheriff's Department is committed to providing professional, firm, fair compassionate law enforcement and detention services with integrity and respect as we partnership with our community.


The Law Enforcement Division consists of many Bureaus and Units, all of which provide law enforcement services in one form or another. This Division is overwhelming comprised of deputy sheriff's, but is supported by a support staff of Clerks, Secretaries and Community Services Officers.  This Division is comprised of the following Bureaus and Units:


Investigations Bureau which includes the Violent Crimes Investigation Unit, Coroner's Unit, Narcotics Unit, Property Crimes Investigation Unit, Crime Scene Investigations Unit, and the Domestic Violence Sexual Assault Unit.


The Patrol Bureau which includes: Main Office and Substation Patrol, Helicopter Unit

Reserve Deputy Unit, Volunteers in Policing Unit, Many collateral specialty units

Marine Unit, and the Crime Prevention Unit.




Gary Delfino is a 24 year deputy sheriff with the Sonoma County Sheriff's Department (California) Gary Delfino is the author of Conscience of a Dead Killer.  According to the book description, “Heaven waits for believers, and Hell waits for those who are evil. For the evil convicted killer, Billy Boyle is a fate worse than Hell. After his execution he meets his Spirit Guide. He discovers his divine punishment. He will be going back in time, and going back in time to witness the life of his first victim, his late wife Susan. As an unseen ghost from the future, Billy is now forced to watch her grow into the beautiful woman, who he will marry and ultimately murder on their honeymoon for money. Also, Billy's Ghost gets one little bonus: He now has a conscience. After witnessing his evil act, Billy's Spirit is once again hurled back in time in order to watch the life and death of yet another victim. This is where things change for Billy. Billy's Ghost discovers that for some strange reason, a famous retired FBI agent can see and hear him where no one else can. Together, they earnestly work to stop the living killer from murdering his four victims. Unfortunately, stopping the evil and ruthless Billy Boyle, is no easy task.”

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