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George S. Steffen is a Major with the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office(Florida). He serves as the Commander of the Investigative Operations Bureau (IOB). As commanding officer of IOB he leads and manages a staff of over 500, to include the Narcotics Division, Child Protection Investigations Division, Court Security, Property Crimes, Crimes Against Persons, Court Process, and the Criminal Enterprise Division.

Major George S. Steffen has been a law enforcement officer in the state of Florida since 1980 – as a patrol officer/deputy, criminal investigator and a supervisor in a number of capacities to include Patrol Operations, Administrative Investigations, Criminal Investigations, Narcotic Investigations and Child Protection Investigations. He has served with the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office since January 1982. Major Steffen began his law enforcement career as a police officer with the Tarpon Springs Police Department, Florida.

Major George S. Steffen holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree from St. Leo University, Florida and a Master of Public Administration Degree from Troy University, Alabama. He has completed course work in Criminal Justice from the University of Virginia. He is a graduate of the 223rd Session of the FBI National Academy, Quantico, Virginia and the Florida Criminal Justice Executive Institute, Executive Leadership Program, Tallahassee, Florida. Major Steffen is an adjunct instructor, St. Petersburg College, Southeastern Public Safety Institute, Florida (1993 Present). He is an instructor in Criminal Investigation and Narcotic Investigation related topics. Major Steffen is a certified law enforcement instructor in the state of Florida.

Major George S. Steffen co-author of the book Drug Interdiction: Partnerships, Legal Principles and Investigative Technologies for Law Enforcement (CRC Press 2003). He has been published in several law enforcement publications to include Law and Order magazine and Police and Security News. Due in early 2010, Co-author of the book Drug Interdiction: Partnerships, Legal Principles and Investigative Technologies for Law Enforcement, Second Edition (CRC Press).


According to the book description of Second Edition of Drug Interdiction: Partnerships, Legal Principles, and Investigative Methodologies for Law Enforcement, "written by seasoned drug enforcement officials, this book trains potential police officers in the area of domestic drug interdiction. It teaches readers how to interview suspected drug couriers and ascertain whether an investigation is warranted. It discusses the entire arsenal of investigative tools available today, including the drug canine. Throughout the book, the authors discuss legal aspects and pertinent case law to show what narcotics investigator need to do to stay within the law. This new edition contains updated case law and case studies, as they relate to each chapter and new information pertaining to trends, practices, and investigative techniques for each topic."


One reader of the first edition of Drug Interdiction: Partnerships, Legal Principles, and Investigative Methodologies for Law Enforcement said, “What a book. I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Candelaria at a class he taught. The class was great and so is the book. If you are a law enforcement officer and are interested in drug interdiction, than your library would not be complete without this book. Great techniques to study and master. If you get the chance to attend one of the authors classes, don't pass it up.”

Drug Interdiction: Partnerships, Legal Principles, and Investigative Methodologies for Law Enforcement, Second Edition
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About the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office

According to the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office, “As a constitutional officer, the sheriff in Florida is elected for a term of four years and is governed by the Florida Constitution and the law.   The duties of the office are specifically laid out in Florida Statute Chapter 30.  Although the nature and scope of law enforcement have evolved with the rising population and changing times, the sheriff’s core of duties as outlined in Chapter 30 has remained fairly constant over the years.  

The most recognizable aspect of the sheriff’s duties is law enforcement.  The sheriff is chief law enforcement officer of the county – Chapter 30 specifically designates the sheriffs as the “conservators of the peace in their counties.” The sheriffs are also responsible for service of all legal process (writs, warrants, subpoenas, and other legal documents) directed to them by the courts or the county commissioners. Other responsibilities of the sheriff include keeper of the county jail and provider of court security.  In Pinellas County that means the sheriff is responsible for over 3,600 inmates at any one time.  Additionally, every arrested person is booked at the Pinellas County jail facility located on 49th Street in Clearwater – nearly 50,000 persons are booked annually.  At all court facilities, the bailiffs who provide court security are all certified law enforcement officers working within the sheriff’s office. The Pinellas County sheriff also provides several other countywide services to include Sexual Predator and Offender Tracking (SPOT),  Flight, Civil Process, Fugitives and Child Protection Investigation.

To aid in executing these duties, the sheriff employs support staff who work throughout the agency in a variety of positions from computer programmer to fingerprint technician.  Including law enforcement deputies, detention deputies, bailiffs, and support personnel, the total number of employees in the sheriff’s office: well over 3,000 employees – positions it as one of Pinellas County’s top ten employers.”

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