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Gerry Mackey is a retired police officer from the Miami Beach Police Department.  Gerry Mackey is the author of A Necessary End and Seed of Thetis.

According to the book description of A Necessary End, “When 23 year old Katie Maguire graduated from the Miami police academy, she was ready to begin her new career with the South Beach Police Department. That's when Sergeant Steve Callaghan approached her for a special undercover assignment . . . as an underage prostitute. An easy detail, with very little danger. That is, until Murphy's Law took over. Suddenly, the FBI and CIA were involved, as was the mysterious Mr. Smith and his team of mercenaries. The previously routine South Beach vice investigation had now become an international incident involving hostile governments and weapons of mass destruction. Unaware of what was going on, Katie got caught in the middle of the whole mess, finding herself being held captive aboard a luxury yacht, heading halfway around the globe. Her captor was dashing and handsome, and despite her predicament, Katie found herself falling for him. Unfortunately Death had finally caught up to Katie and, with a tenacious grip, was preparing to drag her into oblivion.”

Gary Jones (author of Shots Fired) said of A Necessary End, “Gerry Mackey, the author of "A Necessary End" is a retired south Florida police officer. I am also a retired cop from south Florida and I found Gerry's writing style to be fresh and very entertaining. He definitely kept my interest throughout the entire book. There are a lot of different twists and turns that take place and Gerry skillfully manages to bring everything together nicely. His characters are believable and anyone who knows how police officers think and act will not be disappointed by Gerry's writing. There was only once during the entire book that I became disappointed, and that was when I reached the end. It was one of those books that I just couldn't put down. At the end of the book Gerry leaves the reader hanging just a little, and I know this was by design and not by accident. I'm sure there will be a sequel and I look forward to reading it too.”

According to one reader of A Necessary End, “Any book that starts with, "Where's my hooker?" as a first line has promise. A Necessary End is the debut novel of Gerry Mackay, a former Miami Beach police officer, introducing a blonde bombshell of a character named Katie Maguire. Katie is a twenty-three year old rookie police officer, with a black belt and a cutting sense of humor, recruited for a simple undercover assignment as a teenaged prostitute, hence that interesting opening line. Of course, the assignment goes awry when the CIA gets involved and Katie finds herself halfway around the world making some new friends, and some new enemies along the way.

It's hard to tell the good guys from the bad guys. Mackay gives a few interesting plot twists, and turns making the reader wonder what's going to happen next. Through the engaging story, Katie's past is revealed in an interesting parallel story line and the reader comes to not only root for the heroine, but also want more of her. Fortunately, the author leaves a nice little lead-in for the next novel. A Necessary End is a good debut novel and I recommend it. Be careful, you may find Katie Maguire addicting.”

According to one reader of Seed of Thetis, “Let's see, what happens when you take a tall beautiful blonde police officer, her friends, pirates, Greek mythology, Jamaica, PT boats, horses, and some topless women and mix them all up? You get Gerry Mackey's new novel, Seed of Thesis.

Oh, did I mention a tall beautiful blonde woman? That would be Katie Maguire; South Beach Florida's new police recruit whom Mackay damn near killed of in her first outing, A Necessary End. I'm not giving plot away as this is a series. Katie and her buddy Marty are on a cruise to recover from their last adventure when they take a horseback tour up the mountains. On that journey, there is an accident and Katie and company run into a group of pirates whose leader claims to be a descendent of the Greek hero Achilles. Things get tight, but Katie is a master of martial arts, and a quick thinking, level headed woman. Plus, her captors think she's a sorceress. Katie risks her life to save those of her friends, and some of her friends become heroes in their own right. Mackey sets up a nice story that has a fast-paced ending that will keep you on the edge of your seat. I recommend this book to anyone who likes a good action thriller with a strong female lead. Be careful though, Katie Maguire will grow on you.”

Seed of Thetis
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A Necessary End
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According to the book description of Seed of Thetis, “After recovering from her nearly fatal exposure to a terrorist's deadly virus (read A Necessary End), Officer Katie Maguire and her best friend, Officer Marty Goldman, are rewarded for helping to save the world from a global pandemic with a one week Caribbean cruise aboard the MS Atlantis Pearl. The trip is going well until the ship docks in Kingston, Jamaica, where things quickly take a turn for the worse. Their problems start when Katie and Marty decide to go on a horseback riding excursion into the mysterious Blue Mountains located in the eastern tip of the large tropical island. Formerly a haven for pirates, it is said that the mountains and adjacent castle ruins along the coastline still harbor the ghosts of these long-dead buccaneers. The two Miami cops, along with their superstitious Jamaican trail guide and seven other members of the tour group, must soon deal with one disaster after another along the isolated horse trail. And then they discover they are not alone.”

About the Miami Beach Police Department

The Miami Beach Police Department is organized into four large divisions: Criminal Investigations Division; Support Services Division; Patrol Division; and, Technical Services Division. Like most municipal police agencies, the Patrol Division of the Miami Police Department is the largest, in terms of personnel.  The members of the Patrol Division are organized into three geographic districts.


The Criminal Investigations Division is organized into three units: Criminal Investigations; Strategic Investigations; and, the Special Victims Squad.  The Criminal investigations unit is organized by type of crime.  The Strategic Investigations Unit is responsible for the investigations of criminal violations involving narcotics, vice, prostitution, liquor law offenses, and organized crime activity, as well as gathering intelligence to aid in Homeland Defense. The Unit accomplishes this task by working closely with all local, State, and Federal law enforcement agencies. Special Victims detectives investigate crimes by and against juveniles in our community. The cases they handle range from sexual assaults, child and elderly abuse to missing persons and bicycle thefts as well as Internet Child Exploitations.


Among the units in the Support Services Division is the Professional Standards Unit of the Miami Beach Police Department.  The primary responsibility of the Professional Standards Unit is the planning and development of policies, procedures, rules, regulations, and programs which ensure that the Department and its employees maintain the highest level of professional service to the community. This is accomplished via an ongoing monitoring of the Department's operations to guarantee compliance with specific standards and procedures. This unit provides the overall function of quality control for the Department.




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