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Gilmer Police Department (Texas)

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William Butler

About the Gilmer Police Department

According to Doyal T. Loyd, in A History of Upshur County (Texas), “Upshur County was organized by an act of the Texas Legislature on July 13, 1846 , the legislature deemed that the county should be named Upshur and requested that the county seat be named Gilmer.  Abel Parker Upshur was born in Virginia in 1791.  President John Tyler appointed him Secretary of the Navy in 1841 and in 1843 he succeeded Daniel Webster as Secretary of State. Thomas W.Gilmer was born in Virginia in 1802.  In 1844 President John Tyler appointed him Secretary of the Navy. Both Abel Parker Upshur and Thomas W. Gilmer were killed on the Navy war cruiser “Princeton” on February 28, 1844.


According to the Gilmer Police Department, their mission is “to positively impact the quality of life throughout the community. To achieve these ends, the Department is committed to forming practical partnerships with the citizenry, which includes a mutual goal setting process at resolving problems, reducing fear, preserving the peace and enforcing the law, thereby providing a safer environment for all citizens.”

Selected book from a Gilmer Police Department police officer.

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