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Massad F. Ayoob

About the Grantham Police Department

The Grantham Police Department has a unique Alzheimer’s Assistance Initiative.  According to the Grantham Police Department, “This program has been developed to assist families and caregivers of Grantham residents who have been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, as well as elderly individuals who tend to wander or become lost.  The intent of this initiative is to have a photo of the person with Alzheimer’s along with current information, so officers will have easy access to the information should the person become lost.

By simply contacting the Grantham Police Department and completing a simple form, the information is entered into our computer system so we are able to rapidly respond should the need arise. The form provides all necessary information and would help officers to easily identify the missing person. It is necessary to provide a recent photograph to assist in our search efforts. If such a photograph is not readily available, we can take one for you.  The photograph can instantly be sent to all the patrol cruisers’ computers. In addition to the computer information, a poster will be generated and copies given to all emergency contact people listed.”

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