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Greg Ferency is a police officer for the Terre Haute Police Department (Indiana).  His assignments have included a county-wide Drug Task Force. He has extensive experience in drug related crimes as both an investigator and undercover officer. Greg Ferency has specialized training and experience in methamphetamine related investigations.


He has certifications from the DEA Clandestine Laboratory Enforcement Team in the area of Basic, Site Safety and Tactical Operations. Greg has been at the scene of over 550 methamphetamine lab scenes as both lead investigator and site safety officer since 1999. He is a court certified expert in methamphetamine and its associated clandestine labs. Greg has trained law enforcement, civilian groups, educational system employees, medical staff and correctional personnel in methamphetamine and other drug related topics. Greg Ferency is the author of Narc Ops: A Look Inside Drug Enforcement.

On reader of Narc Ops said it “takes the reader inside the world of drug enforcement and the inner workings of the drug culture. The author explains what is going on in our “War on Drugs.” The book explains how the police fight the battle in the covert world of illicit drug use and distribution. The reader will experience undercover buys, search warrant executions, along with everything else the police officer experiences when working this particular type of assignment. The author takes the reader from the “mean” streets to the anesthetic courtrooms and lets you know how to win the battles on both fronts. Experiences are the name of the game here and these are shared throughout the book, giving you first had knowledge of what is being done to protect our society from those who wish to prey on us. We often fear what we don’t understand and Narc Ops is an attempt to shed a realistic light on what is going on while the rest of us work, play, and sleep.”

Another reader said, “Books like Narc Ops should be introduced into university classrooms. Kids constantly study: where law comes from, how law is applied, and who was involved in bringing law to the United States without ever actually looking at the real jobs done by law enforcement officers, narcotics officers, and correctional officers. This book really lets you see the inside of crime from those individuals that dedicate their lives to stopping it.

The problem with most of the police-oriented books - whether fiction or non-fiction - that seem to flood the market is that most authors in the genre tend to shoot for one extreme or the other. On one side we see tales of glamour and grandeur (mostly thanks to the expectations that Hollywood has helped to create). On the other side, one sees authors who try so hard to be blunt and forceful that it's no longer possible to shock or surprise us. Simply stated, Narc Ops is a great book and a highly informative read for much the same reason that Cops is a successful TV show. Ferency draws from what is obviously a very deep well of personal knowledge and experience in order to paint a fascinating picture of day-to-day narcotics enforcement in America. From undercover drug buys to routine surveillance, meth labs and the hidden dangers of "club drugs," this book covers a great deal of subjects at a readily digestible pace. For anyone interested in a true and accurate look at narcotics enforcement, this book is a must.”

Narc Ops
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About the Terre Haute Police Department

The Terre Haute Police Department has 130 Sworn Officers which are assigned in the Operations Division, Investigations Division, and Support Services. The Operations Division is made up of uniform patrol and traffic division. They also oversee the Special Response Team and Crowd Control Unit. The Investigation Division contains Adult Investigations, Juvenile Investigations and White Collar Crime Unit. Also they oversee the officers who belong to the Vigo County Drug Task Force. The Support Services are in charge of Records, Fleet Management, Training and civilian support staff and Dispatch.




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