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Greg Miraglia is the Dean of the Criminal Justice Training Center and Police Academy at Napa Valley College in California. He oversees one of 39 state certified law enforcement training centers in the state.  Greg Miraglia began his career as a police explorer scout at the age of 15 and has since served three law enforcement agencies in positions including 9-1-1 dispatcher, reserve police officer, supervisor, division manager, and most recently as a deputy chief with the Napa Valley Railroad Police Department.


With over 20 years of teaching experience, he is recognized as an expert in human relations and hate crimes education.  Greg Miraglia has created and authored innovative curriculum in the area of competency based evaluation, hate crimes education, cultural awareness, and has written over a dozen articles published  in law enforcement professional magazines. 


 Greg Miraglia is active as a member of the Matthew Shepard Foundation Advisory Board, a faculty member of the “Stop The Hate!” program, and as a mentor for Positive Images of Santa Rosa, California.  Greg Miraglia has a Masters Degree in Education Administration, a Bachelor’s Degree in Business, and is a graduate of the California P.O.S.T. Master Instructor Development Program.  Greg Miraglia is the author of  Coming Out From Behind The Badge: Stories Of Success And Advice From Police Officers "Out" On The Job.


According to the book description, Coming Out From Behind The Badge: Stories Of Success And Advice From Police Officers "Out" On The Job is “about how police officers can overcome law enforcement's unwritten "don't ask, don't tell" policy and live their lives as they were made to be. The book includes a collection of autobiographies of highly successful police officers from all over the country. These rarely published coming out stories of real police officers are intended to inspire the thousands of law enforcement officers who are still in the closet and who are searching for the courage to come out. This book is perfect for you if you are:


  • Working in law enforcement and thinking about coming out;
  • An out gay or lesbian in law enforcement;
  • A friend of someone in law enforcement who is gay and struggling;
  • An ally who wants to learn more about how to be supportive.
  • A law enforcement leader interested in creating an accepting diverse place to work;
  • A law enforcement psychologist who wants to better understand;
  • A young gay or lesbian person who is thinking about a law enforcement career; and,
  • Anyone who wants a look inside a secretive and intriguing part of law enforcement.

Coming Out From Behind The Badge: Stories Of Success And Advice From Police Officers "Out" On The Job
Greg Miraglia  More Info

One reader of Coming Out From Behind The Badge: Stories Of Success And Advice From Police Officers "Out" On The Job said, “This book is a MUST READ for anyone in law enforcement, especially if you are a supervisor or administrator for your department. This work is an insight into what it's like to be a gay cop from those who have had to live in the closet and come out on the job. The book also has several chapters on what to do if you are a leader in your department and are concerned with how your gay officers are balancing their personal life and work life together. As far as how this work is put together: I found it so easy to read that I couldn't put it down. If you are a gay person who wants to become an officer, you need to read this one!”

Another reader of Coming Out From Behind The Badge: Stories Of Success And Advice From Police Officers "Out" On The Job said, “This is an excellent book to read for inspirational stories about being out on the job in law enforcement. While you can't help but notice this profession is behind the times when it comes to dealing with homosexuality, it's wonderful to read these stories of men who are out and having successful careers in the police force. It's great to see these stories coming from various parts of our nation, not just from the more progressive metropolitan cities. Greg Miraglia does a fine job in accumulating these various stories and allowing each writer to keep his voice. While his own story is one of the more polished pieces, the strength of this book is not the actual writing itself, but in the positive stories that are told. A must read for those wanting to gain a better insight into the law enforcement profession.”

About the Napa Valley Railroad Police Department

The Napa Valley Railroad Police Department was formed in 1999. The Napa Valley Railroad had operated a non-sworn Public Safety Department since 1989, but the unique nature of the services provided by the railroad and an increasing frequency of theft, vandalism, trespass and grade crossing incidents, coupled with the growth potential of the railroad, led to the formation of the Police Department.  The mission of the Police Department is based in public safety and service to the community. We protect the patrons, passengers, employees and freight transported by the railroad, as well as protecting the assets, property and right of way.


The Napa Valley Railroad Police Department is currently staffed with three railroad police officers and two public safety officers, all of whom report to the Public Safety Director. The Napa Valley Railroad Police Department is one part of a long history of law enforcement on the rails.


The Napa Valley Railroad Police Department has officers on duty whenever trains are operating on the line. A police officer is available on-call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The police officers are available to handle any and all railroad related matters including safety issues, criminal matters and traffic collisions on the right of way.




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