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Guilio Dattero has been with the Reidsville Police Department since 1982, where he currently serves as Captain of Detectives. He is a graduate of the University of North Carolina-Greensboro and the FBI. National Academy.  He is the author of Bloody November. 


According to the book description of Bloody November, “Detective Clark Dixon, recently divorced, is fed up with his job. Nothing’s going right. But when a ruthless gang strikes Stuartsboro, Dixon rises to the challenge; and, he’s in for more than he knows. His hopes ride high on crucial evidence collected at the scene of a brutal robbery, yet when it’s sent to the state lab, the results get falsified. Foul-up or conspiracy? Amidst a wave of violence, Dixon takes heat for reopening a routine death investigation where things don’t add up. And when a sniper murders Dixon’s prime suspect, he and his team follow a trail that collides with the unlikeliest of foes. With odds stacked against them, Stuartsboro’s finest brace for a dead-of-night showdown. Little does Dixon know that America’s security hangs in the balance as he and his men shoot their way through a Bloody November.”

According to one reader of Bloody November, “If you could somehow combine the detail of Ted Bell, the brutal style of Frederick Forsythe, and the dry and witty, (but very keen perception) of Carl Hiaasen, you'd have Guilio Dattero. "Bloody November" doesn't just idle away from the dock until it's past the "no wake" zone. Dattero's maiden voyage is instantly riveting and powerful, but also smooth and comforting throughout, much like the town of Stuartsboro. I was continually reminded that the people and small businesses who for generations have kept this integral fabric of our nation intact, rely on the Clark Dixons of this country to protect them. Learning the extent and extreme to which even small-town detectives must go to solve seemingly simple crimes seemed reassuring enough, but Dattero never let me forget that a greater and more extreme evil should be something every seasoned, post 9/11 detective must move to, and keep, on the front burner. Detective Clark Dixon knew that "City Limit" signs had become virtually meaningless. His hunches weren't always explainable, but he never ignored them. What seemed related had become unrelated. What seemed unrelated had become related. He loved protecting that integral fabric even if it meant practically depleting all of his emotional accounts. Dattero's obvious talent for making imagery come alive is sensuously intoxicating, much like that first bite of the world's best barbecue, the clicking sound of high heels being worn by a long, lean brunette walking down the sidewalk, or the organ-compressing punch felt by downshifting the Narcotic Squad's unmarked Mustang GT at about 80 mph. I was sorry to quickly reach the last page of "Bloody November", but my heart was glad I did.”

Bloody November
Guilio Dattero  More Info

About the Reidsville Police Department

The Reidsville Police Department is organized into four divisions: Administrative, Patrol, Community Policing and Detectives.  The Administrative Division is responsible for the overall operations of the Police Department and provides support services to the other divisions. 


The Patrol Division includes 41 sworn police officers and four telecommunicators. These members protect the citizens of Reidsville by answering calls for police services as first responders, taking reports of crimes and complaints, and by conducting follow-up investigations sometime resulting in the arrests of criminals or detaining suspects. The Patrol Division performs community and business security patrols, and provides security at events where crowds and/or traffic control is necessary. A large part of the Patrol function is the enforcement of motor vehicle laws, both state and local. The 11-member Special Response Team (SRT) is under the supervision and command of the Patrol Division. This team handles high-risk arrests and other crisis situations such as barricaded felons, hostage situations, suicide calls and other related incidents. The SRT unit is trained in special weapons use, tactical response and crowd control.


The purpose of the Community Policing Division is to develop and foster community partnerships with the citizens of Reidsville. The Reidsville Police Department takes a proactive approach to Community Policing and works with approximately 54 Neighborhood Watch groups, which emphasize crime prevention strategies.


The Division is responsible for receiving investigative reports from the Patrol Division and through investigation, interview and interrogation, search and seizure, detectives solve crimes and build cases against suspects. Typical duties performed by investigators include investigation of all crimes unsolved by patrol, collection of evidence at crime scenes, personal re-contact with victims, processing of arrestees, testifying in court, presentation of crime prevention programs, surveillance of criminal activity, and community policing programs. Investigators also conduct drug investigations of potential violators, execute search warrants, conduct undercover campaigns, and purchase narcotics, usually employing the services of informants.


The Detective Division is headed by a Captain, who oversees a division that consists of two units, Criminal and Special Investigations. Each of these units is supervised by a lieutenant. The Criminal Investigations Lieutenant manages a caseload as does the Criminal Sergeant, two Criminal Detectives, and Youth Detective under their supervision.


The Special Investigations Lieutenant conducts narcotics investigations, as do the two narcotics detectives under his supervision. This lieutenant also serves as the supervisor for the division's two-member tactical (TACT) unit. One of the tactical officers is a sergeant, who assists in the supervision of the Special Investigations Unit and supervises the department's canine teams, too. TACT’s primary function is to aggressively combat street level drug and criminal activity utilizing innovative techniques, which include the services of a narcotics detection canine. The lieutenant is also responsible for the enforcement of the Alcohol Beverage Control laws and regulations in the City. 





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