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Gwinnett County Sheriff's Department (Georgia)

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Dillard H. Hughes

About the Gwinnett County Sheriff’s Department

Gwinnett County is located 30 miles northeast of Atlanta, Georgia.  The Gwinnett County Sheriff’s Department is organized into a number of divisions such as Court Security, Jail, Administrative and Field Operations.  According to the Gwinnett County Sheriff’s Department, “The Administrative Division responsibilities include the management of finances, human resources, policies and procedures, public relations and other duties as required for the overall operation of the department.

The Field Operations Division is responsible for the processing and serving of all criminal warrants as well as service requests made by other agencies or jurisdictions.  This division also houses the Fugitive Unit, Family Violence Unit and Sexual Violator Unit. The Division’s Uniform Section is responsible for serving all criminal warrants issued by the courts, as well as handling warrant execution requests made by other agencies or jurisdictions. This section is also responsible for all out of state extraditions.

A Fugitive Unit was established in 1997 to locate dangerous high profile fugitives from justice.  Since that time, this unit has made many high profile fugitive arrests including the arrest of a suspect in an 8-year-old murder case and a suspect charged with 23 counts of sexually explicit conduct with children. The Fugitive Section is responsible for locating and arresting dangerous high profile fugitives and won the Unit of the Year award in Gwinnett County in 2007.

The Family Violence Section is responsible for serving all domestic violence court orders such as evictions, temporary restraining orders, and simple assaults. This section works closely with the Courts as well as Victim Advocacy groups. The Sexual Violator Section of the Division is responsible for the tracking and verification of all sex offenders in Gwinnett County. As of April 2007, there were more than 300 registered sex offenders living in Gwinnett that this unit must monitor.”

Selected book by a Gwinnett County Sheriff's Department lieutenant.

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