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About Keene Police Department

The Keene Police Department provides a full range of police services from parking enforcement to homicide investigation utilizing both state-of-the-art technology and old fashion gumshoe tenacity. In addition to law enforcement services, the department sponsors many educational and preventive programs. The Keene Police Department is organized into two divisions: the Administrative Services Division and the Field Operations Division.


The Field Operations Division of the Keene Police Department includes the Bureau of Patrol and the Bureau of Criminal Investigations.  The Bureau of Patrol conducts: Accident Investigations; Canine Program; Directed Patrol; Motor Vehicle Law Enforcement; and, Fleet Maintenance.  And the Keene Police Department Bureau of Criminal Investigations conducts:  Crime Analysis; Criminal Investigation; Crime Scene Management; Child Abuse & Exploitation; Drug Investigations; Evidence Processing; Photography/Imagery/Video; Polygraph Services; Sex Offender Registration; Juvenile Operations/Prosecution; and, Juvenile Records Management.


Hal Brown was a member of the Keene Police Department (New Hampshire) for 28 years.  He is the author of In Pursuit of Justice: A History of the Keene Police Department.  The book was published by the Keene Benevolent Association in 1995.  A copy of the book is available in the New Hampshire State Library.  According to the book description, Hal Brown’s book is a, “history of the Keene Police Department from its founding in the late 18th Century and also a chronicle of criminal activity in the area.”

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