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Harvey Burgess

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Harvey Burgess “is a career journalist who specializes in crime reporting. He has covered everything from the US Supreme Court to national and international stories. He served as a police officer before beginning his second career as an author. An avid sportsman and movie buff, he now resides in Charlotte, North Carolina.”  Harvey Burgess is the author of Kiss Her Goodbye: A Houston Cash Novel.

According to the book description of Kiss Her Goodbye: A Houston Cash Novel, “Houston Cash is an ex-cop turned private investigator who doesn't expect his life to be extraordinary, and that's just how he likes it. But that's rarely how it seems to work out for him. His cases tend to take him places where he has to employ his skills, his sense of humor, and his sense of right and wrong to maximum effect to solve the problems of the interesting people who walk through his door. Though his network of friends and contacts help him navigate the labyrinths he encounters, it almost always boils down to Houston's own abilities to see a case through to the end. <p> When Houston makes the acquaintance of a bank executive's wife, he finds himself thrust in a world of money, sex, murder, and double-crosses; it's just another day for a detective (or so it seems). But this woman is about to lead him on a path of twists and turns with an unexpected finale, and not everyone survives. Can Houston's instincts help him stay out of too much of the trouble she represents?”

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