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About the Haverford Township Police Department
The Township of Haverford Board of Commissioners established a Night Watch and Police Force June 5, 1916. When Ordinance number 77 of 1916 passed, it did "ordain" the Night Watch and Police Force would consist of one Chief of Police and not more than nine Policemen, one of whom may be appointed Sergeant of Police. The Departmental history shows the first Chief, Edward F. Hallissey, and the five officers initially hired did not have long-lived or prosperous careers. The Chief left the Department after only three years and ten months of service. His first recruits fared far worse. The first officer hired by the Township, George T. Neeli lasted ten days and the second officer hired completed four months. This four month stint was three months longer than any of his fellow hires. Ordinance number 77 also outlined the officers' duties. "Policemen shall patrol their respective beats during all of the time they are on duty and shall be governed in making arrests of all drunken, disorderly and suspicious persons by the laws of this Commonwealth, and by the Ordinances and Regulations of the Township. It shall also be the duty of Policemen to inspect the street lights maintained by the Township and to immediately report any lights not in good order and fu1ther to inspect all poles, lines and overhead wires and all streets and roads containing water, gas or other pipe-lines and to immediately report any defects therein or dangerous condition caused thereby, .. . "

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