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Andrew G. Hawkes - A Cop's Life

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A man once asked me, besides the tickets and the donuts,

Whats it like being a cop?


As I forgave him for his ignorance, years and years of memories

Spun round and round in my head


And  the only answer I could give him

 came out in a collage of single words

That any cop would understand.


Academy. Badge. Rookie. Patrol.

Honor. Valor. Bravery.


Drunks. Bar fights. Car chases. Foot chases.

Felons.  Perverts. Cop haters. Cop killers.


Marijuana. Cocaine. Meth labs.

Battered wives. Abused children.


Murders. Suicides. Accidents. Fatalities.

Mental patients.  Dirty needles.  Dirty trailers.


Deep nights. Weekends. Overtime.

Marriage. Kids. Divorce. Marriage.


Promotions. Demotions. Politics.

Good cops. Bad cops. Funerals.


Gray hair. Wrinkles. Years.

Blood. Sweat. Tears.


Live it. Love it. Hate it.

-A cops life.



Andrew G. Hawkes


Sergeant Andrew G. Hawkes is a 17 year veteran of law enforcement.  He is currently a sergeant with the Rockwall County Sheriff’s Office (Texas).  Sergeant Andrew G. Hawkes is the author of Secrets of Successful Highway Interdiction.  According to Sergeant Andrew G. Hawkes, “After 17 years of highway drug interdiction, 500 felony arrests, 5,100 pounds in drug seizures, and over $20 million (drugs, cash and vehicles), I have learned a lot of drug-busting techniques that I want to share with you.”  His book, Secrets of Successful Highway Interdiction, contains eleven chapters on Highway Drug Interdiction.

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