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Hero's Never Die

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Written by: Thomas A. Tully (Reserve Captain, Westwego Police Department)

A time will come when you're called away
To serve your Country day by day.
You joined the Marines the Proud the Brave
To fight for this Country known as the USA.
You fight each day, you fight each night
To protect your brothers, and yourself tonight.
A day will come when the fighting will end
You pray and dream you'll see your family again.
The letters you get from your loved ones at home
Gives you the strength, the courage, knowing you're not alone.
But then your family receives the news
That their loving son's life was taken so soon.
From a boy, to a man, to a HERO that day
You ask "GOD", why my son had to pay?
We never know when the MAN from above
He gives, he takes, the one we love.
And someday soon we will see him again
Because he was a HERO, a son, a brother, a grandson and a friend.

Captain Tully can be reached at tomtully@insightbb.com

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