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Former Chicago police officer Hugh Holton was inspired by his experiences on the street and the works of Lawrence Sanders to write a series of police novels that centered on Chief of Detectives Larry Cole. Holton was a 33-year veteran of law enforcement who died in 2001 at age 54.  Holton wrote in a natural tone and offered readers an accurate glimpse into the mind of an investigative team. His knowledge of law enforcement procedures and mindsets lend his books an air of credibility that most detective novels strive for but rarely achieve. Holton frequently mixed genres in his series - a habit that frustrated publishers.  Hugh Holton is the author of Presumed Dead, Violent Crimes, Windy City, The Left Hand of God, Chicago Blues, Criminal Element, The Devil's Shadow and Time of the Assassins.

According to the book description of Presumed Dead, "After a routine drug bust outside the National Science and Space Museum ends badly, Chicago police officer Larry Cole discovers that nearly two hundred people have disappeared from the Museum in the past, and decides to investigate."


According to the book description of  Violent Crimes, "Commander Larry Cole, a twenty-six-year veteran of the Chicago Police force, comes up against the most vicious criminal he has ever faced, multi-millionaire Steven Zalkin, who turns out to be linked to the first case on which Cole ever worked."


According to the book description of  Windy City, "Margo and Neil DeWitt sees like any other fun-loving, super-rich couple until Chicago Police Commander Larry Cole sees through their affluent charade. While investigating the death of a fellow officer, Cole stumbles across a pattern of killings that leads him to discover the DeWitt's gruesome hobby: murdering women and children using methods from their favorite mystery novels. Cole enlists and group of mystery writers to help him figure out where the homicidal couple will strike next. But as the body count rises, will it be enough of an edge to help him get to the DeWitts before they get to him?"


According to the book description of The Left Hand of God, "Joining Larry Cole is Lieutenant Blackie Silvestri, beautiful and smart investigative journalist Kate Ford, and Cole's seventeen-year-old son, Butch, who is visiting his father for the summer. When Butch visits a nightclub on the north side, he stumbles across a plot to fix an Olympic basketball game between the U.S. and the Italian national team. Meanwhile, Cole has uncovered a plot to assassinate the sultry newscaster Orga Syriac when he escorts her to a political ball. The potential assassin, a demented Catholic priest, is intent on stopping her from exposing a secret right-wing organization. With Kate Ford's help, Cole must foil the potential homicidal maniac, keep an eye on his teenage son, and prevent an international game-fixing scheme that could tarnish the Olympic sports world forever."


According to the book description of  Chicago Blues, "Police Commander Larry Cole returns in his most dangerous case to date. the investigation of the murders of two hit-men leads Cole to an old colleague, FBI Special Agent Reggie Stanton. Cole had known Stanton when he was a Chicago cop accused of vigilante knife-murders on Chicago's South Side. Now the murders of the two assassins bear the same M.O. as those long-ago cases."


According to the book description of Criminal Element,  "Commander Larry Cole is confronted with the most beautiful and cunning criminal he's ever faced. Julianna Saint has a reputation for getting anything she wants. Her occupation: international thief. Jake wants her to pull off a nearly impossible heist. Unfortunately the robbery results in the death of mystery writer Greg Ennis. Julianna makes a daring escape, setting Larry Cole, Chicagos Police Chief of Detectives, on her trail. He follows Saint to an estate on Saint Martins Island in the Caribbean, resulting in a struggle to bring down the greatest thief of all time on her own turf."


According to the book description of Time of the Assassins, "Hugh Holton, the highest-ranking active police officer writing books today, is well-known for powerful, passion-charged novels. Reviewers compare his books to hurricanes and firestorms, descriptions that are especially apt in the case of Time of the Assassins. The most controversial story in today's inner cities is the CIA's apparent funding of counterinsurgent drug lords in Latin America, who, instead of fighting revolutionaries, have used that funding to wholesale crack cocaine in this country's ghettos. In this exciting new novel, Commander Larry Cole battles these Agency-funded drug lords. Their "personal representative" is Baron von Rianocek, a hit man. A well-paid professional, known as a world-class "problem solver," he has successfully eliminated both high-profile British industrialists and South American dictators. The CIA, the FBI, and Interpol, all suspect him of being behind various incidents, but they have never been able to pin anything on the slippery millionaire, who claims to be descended from European royalty. Police detective Larry Cole has unwittingly crossed paths several times with the notorious assassin. Appearing at the wrong place at the wrong time, he had twice foiled the assassin's work. Now the well-heeled assassin has a new target. He has set his telescopic sights on the CPD chief of detectives-Cole himself."

Presumed Dead (Larry Cole)
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Violent Crimes
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Windy City (Larry Cole)
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The Left Hand of God
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Chicago Blues (Larry Cole)
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Criminal Element
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The Devil's Shadow
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Red Lightning
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Time of the Assassins (Larry Cole)
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The Thin Black Line
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