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The Calling

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The policeman is always on call

As duty demands it and as duty

permits; moments of leisure are

truly prized and treasured with

family and friends.


Many times the situations he faces

presents much despair and these

are times he feels no one cares.

Until he remembers; the Lord

is always there.


As a policeman he answers the call

known to be one of "our finest" he

always gives it his all. The felon will

be ready and willing to run.


He realizes that only God is his closest

friend, always near and there at the end.

Problems are nothing at all, for to him

his Lord too' is Able and...always on call!


About the Author

Margaret S. Hood -December 19, 2007

7122 Windover Dr.

Durham, NC 27712


*Margaret S. Hood/Citizens Watch/ members who support the "thin blue line."

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