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Howard County Police Department (Maryland)

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About the Howard County Police Department

The two largest divisions with the Howard County Police Department are the Patrol Division and the Criminal Investigation Division. Patrol operations are divided into two districts, Northern and Southern. The districts each are managed by a District Commander and are divided into platoons of officers that work 12-hour day and night shifts. These patrol officers respond to the community’s calls for service, enforce traffic and criminal laws, address community needs and initiate actions based on their own observations


The Criminal Investigations Bureau (CIB)is comprised of two components: the Criminal Investigations Division and the Vice and Narcotics Division. The bureau serves as the primary investigative arm of the department. The CIB is committed to solving those cases that have the greatest impact on the safety of residents, from crimes of violence to felony drug violations.


Two-thirds of the bureau’s detectives work within the six primary components of the Criminal Investigations Division. These detectives investigate violent and property crimes, present cases to the Grand Jury, maintain a liaison with the State’s Attorney’s Office, compile and analyze pawn shop activity, conduct polygraph examinations and coordinate the Repeat Offender Program. The Criminal Investigation Division of CIB includes: Violent Crimes Section; Child Abuse/Sexual Assault Section; Property Crimes Section; Special Investigations Section; and, Warrant/Fugitive Section


The Howard County Police Department also has a K9 Unit, Aviation Unit, Bike Patrol, Traffic Enforcement Section, Youth Division, Communications Division and Volunteer Police Auxiliary.  The members of the Tactical (TAC) Section are specially trained and equipped to handle a variety of high-risk situations and emergencies. In 2005, the section, comprised of 7 full-time and 16 de-centralized members, executed 46, high-risk search and seizure warrants and vehicle take-downs. TAC Section officers safely handled 8 barricade situations throughout the year and, during the course of a Federal investigation into MS-13, executed 19 search warrants on known members in July.





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