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Huntsville Police Department (Alabama)

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James Huggins

About the Huntsville Police Department
According to the Huntsville Police Department 2006 Annual Report, “2006 was a busy year for the Huntsville Police Department. We continued to interact with our citizen base daily. We held Community Watch meetings, Block Parties, and other events at our Precinct facilities. The openness of our facilities coupled with the enthusiasm of our personnel tended to strengthen the interrelations between our officers and the citizens that they serve.


The addition of mobile computers to our fleet has greatly enhanced the ability of our field officers to perform their day-to-day activities. This was a major step in the total plan for police technology upgrades within the department. As employees become proficient in the operation of the equipment, we will be able to gradually increase the field capability and continue on our path to full field reporting.


The ongoing war in the Middle East has taken some of our manpower as many of our personnel are serving in the military. Reductions in personnel by attrition, as well as some long-term incapacities due to injury, have severely strained our manpower strengths. The implementation of a very large police academy class should alleviate some of this problem in early 2007.


The Huntsville Police Department looks forward to the many tasks, activities, and challenges that the year 2007 will bring. The expansion of our jurisdiction is actively changing the patterns and needs of citizens and the city as a whole. The Huntsville Police Department continues to strive to maintain its preparedness to assist the citizens of Huntsville.”




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