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Steve Roos

About the Idaho Falls Police Department

In order to manage all of the operations, the department is broken into four divisions. Each division is led by a Police Captain, who reports to the Chief of Police.  The four divisions are: Uniform Division; Investigative Division; Professional Standards Division; and, Services Division.


The Uniform Division is tasked with street patrol operations. These officers are highly visible in uniform and marked patrol cars Within the Uniform Division, there are Patrol Officers, Traffic Officers, K-9 Officers (police dogs), and Neighborhood Patrol Officers. Neighborhood Patrol Officers are assigned permanently to a specific neighborhood. The Investigative Division is tasked with investigation all serious crimes. The Detectives of this division specialize in areas such as homicide, robbery, forgery and fraud, property crimes, computer crimes, narcotics, child abuse and domestic violence


The Professional Standards Division is tasked with promoting and maintaining a high level of professionalism throughout the department. Within this division are the Training Unit, Community Partnership, DARE and School Resource Officers, Media Relations Officer, Police Chaplains, and Police Cadets. The Services Division is tasked with coordinating and managing the civilian elements of the police department such as the Communications Center (police and fire dispatch), Records Unit, Internal Investigations, and Animal Control Shelter.






Selected book from an Idaho Falls Police Department police officer.

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