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C. Ed Traylor


About the Illinois State Police

The Illinois State Police is a full-service law enforcement agency organized into four operation divisions: Administration, Forensic Services, Internal Investigations and Operations.  According to the Illinois State Police, "Patrol and Criminal Investigation. Uniformed and plainclothes officers in twenty-one (21) districts and seven (7) investigative zones work together to provide comprehensive law enforcement services to the public and many county, municipal and federal law enforcement agencies. Troopers patrol the highways, ensuring safer roadways by enforcing speed limits and traffic laws, conducting truck weight inspections and overseeing hazardous materials control while detectives known as "special agents" use state-of-the-art equipment and technology to investigate such crimes as homicide, sexual assault, vehicle theft, fraud and forgery. ISP agents, cooperating with federal and local police agencies, have helped crack international narcotics rings, solve mass murders and apprehend international terrorists.


Across the state, uniformed officers also perform specialty functions. Specially trained canine (K-9) units and Special Weapons & Tactics teams may be called to aid in a wide range of emergencies or investigations, such as narcotics trafficking, searches for missing persons, and hostage situations. ISP also provides air operations support to search for missing persons, recover fugitives, spot illicitly grown marijuana, and help enforce traffic laws."

Books authored by law enforcement officials of the Illinois State Police:

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