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Kevin McInnes

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Kevin McInnes is a retired police officer with over 25 years service with the Calgary Police Service; Kevin spent time in street duties, General Investigation Unit, Strike Force and Central Intelligence Unit, School Resource Officers Unit and Community Liaison. During his time in policing, he grew a love for the officers and their families and saw the consequences the calling of policing can have on the family first hand. After a colleague and friend was killed in a criminal act by a young offender, Kevin became one of a very few officers/chaplains in Canada and began to minister to the spiritual needs of police officers. Kevin and Deborah felt a strong call to begin to speak into the lives of police families and shortly afterwards founded a not for profit charity, Diakonos Retreat Society to provide support and education to law enforcement and emergency services families.

Kevin McInnes is presently a certified senior police chaplain with the International Conference of Police Chaplains and is working for a major police service in Canada. He has served as Chaplain for 12 years. He is a licensed minister with the Mennonite Brethren Church. A recent graduate from Soul Stream Ministries in affiliation with Carey Theological College, Kevin is now trained in the art of Spiritual Direction and provides spiritual direction to those both within the policing community and without in the greater community. Kevin is also a trained suicide interventionist and has extensive training and practical experience in Critical Incident Stress Management with certificates in Advanced Individual and Group Intervention, Peer and Family Support and Pastoral Crisis Intervention.

Kevin McInnes is the author of The Servant Warrior; The Role of Faith in Policing.  Kevin McInnes said of his book, “Why did I write this book?  To show that being a police officer and a person of faith within the career is completely compatible, contrary to how many people have viewed faith and policing.  Most people see faith in policing as a weakness not a strength, a crutch not suitable for a strong, macho person who must control all situations and be in control of him or herself.  I disagree with this very strongly and I wanted to show that a person of faith, particularly in the God of the Bible , is in fact seen by God as highly favored, honored and loved.  This a powerful strength if seen in the right context.  I hope you enjoy the read.”

About the Calgary Police Service
Located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, the Calgary Police Service (CPS) is among the largest and most respected municipal police services in the country and one of the most progressive law enforcement agencies in North America. The CPS is made up of more than 1,700 police officers and more than 900 civilian employees.  The organization prides itself on service delivery, training and development and most importantly its people. In partnership with other agencies and the citizens of Calgary, the CPS strives to preserve the quality of life in the community by ensuring that Calgary remains a safe place to live, work, and visit.  To keep pace with growth and attrition the CPS is intending to hire about 500 police officers in the next several years.



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