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Wayne Ryan

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Sergeant Wayne Ryan, Royal Canadian Mounted Police (ret.), spent “21 years as an RCMP officer.  Wayne Ryan worked as a patrol officer, plainclothes detective, and hostage negotiator. He retired at the rank of Sergeant in 1996 after partaking in over 500 major crime investigations.”  Wayne Ryan is the author of Souls Behind the Badge.

According to the book description of Souls Behind the Badge, “There’s no question that law enforcement officers are under intense scrutiny. In high-profile Canadian cases like Robert Dziekanski and Willie Pickton, police are blamed by a critical public and the media for everything from excessive use of force to allowing criminals to get away with murder. In Souls Behind the Badge, retired veteran RCMP officer Wayne Ryan describes in graphic detail the emotional trauma the job inflicts on those who serve and protect us. Most often, what the public sees of a case is not nearly the whole story. Using personal accounts and the analyses of a seasoned officer, Ryan explains how police officers make their decisions on the job and what it’s like to cope with the aftermath. Examining numerous issues including sexual harassment, gender bias, and allegations of misconduct, Ryan speaks frankly about the gritty reality encountered by those in a profession that is often glamorized by the entertainment industry. Souls Behind the Badge is both intimate and analytical, leaving the reader to consider the fine line between the public’s expectations and human limitations.”

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