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David James Smith was a career detective in West London and was promoted on merit to Detective Sergeant and Detective Inspector.  His career included being an instructor at the Detective Training School Hendon as well as numerous posting to New Scotland Yard.  He has "Specialised in Advanced Interview Techniques, Public Speaking, Facilitation, National and International Commercial Fraud Investigation (Spain, France, and Jersey), International Drugs Intelligence, Crime Pattern Analysis; and then was headhunted to research and design the combined Financial Investigation Course from initial liaison with America, Canada, the Home Office, and the Crown Prosecution Service, to be a pioneer in Financial Investigation."


According to David James Smith, "After 30 years as a warranted police officer, I was appointed the Development Director of an Equine Business near London overseeing 100 acres and staff. There a 5 year business plan was prepared. Thereafter, having managed an Executive Security Guarding Company where I was responsible for strategic planning, security audits, and teaching law, before designing Security for an American School and taking them through 9/11 without mishap, design continued with Security for a Communications Company, and an independent school. This was followed by being engaged in Ministry of Defence Security, until asked to return to Police as a civilian investigator to assist detections and to teach. From a baseline of 15%, this increased to 60% in the first year, before 93% was maintained. As a Fraud and then Financial Investigator, I was engaged upon major cases, cross border, and international when, after conviction, I gave them the bill, having frozen assets, and then enforced payment."  David James Smith is the author of Only Fraud and Horses.

According to the book description of Only Fraud and Horses, "Author David Smith's childhood near London, England, helped pave the way for the young boy to plough his own furrow in life. In Only Fraud and Horses, Smith narrates his story which includes pieces of history, police, and horsemanship. In this memoir, Smith offers a humorous and poetic account of his skills, training, and professional positions from cadet to London policeman and to Scotland Yard detective and specialist. Only Fraud and Horses also shares representative sports details, contrasts Smith's Scots ancestry, and links developing European history, the long dependence upon the horse, and his inherited skills as a competitive, natural horseman. With photographs and historical notes included, Smith reviews a lifetime collection of family records and shares his discoveries-starting from England with surnames of Smith and Brown and going back to the 1700s in the Highlands of Scotland before Mediterranean origins."

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