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Michael Hanson

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Michael Hanson was “born in 1932, and educated in Sheffield Yorkshire during the last of the depression years. He grew up in wartime when the German bombing was at its height. After his National Service in the R.A.F., he joined the Metropolitan Police and served in Uniform in the West End of London before joining the Criminal Investigation Department as a Detective. When he brought his young family to Canada in 1968, he worked for a while for Pinkerton’s the famous Security Organization before becoming the first Consumer Affairs Officer in the Government of British Columbia. He went on to become the Director of Trade Practices, enforcing the first Legislation in Canada which dealt with misleading, deceptive and unconscionable business practices. Happily married with three children and four grandchildren he is now retired and living in North Saanich, British Columbia. Michael Hanson is the author of Will You Walk A Little Faster.


According to the book description of Will You Walk A Little Faster, “The author describes uniform and detective duties in London, emigration to Canada and working for Pinkerton’s. He was British Columbia's first Consumer Affairs Officer as Consumerism peaked in the seventies.”

According to the preface of Will You Walk A Little Faster, “In responding to society's demands to live life faster, many people rush through the present to reach the future and are then surprised when they cannot remember many of the events or circumstances which should have registered as turning points in their life or career. They hear but they don’t listen and they see but they do not take the time to understand. Walking a beat in London as a Police Constable sees you continually observing and assessing the things which are going on around you and when dealing with an incident you resist the urge to......walk a little faster.


You have to listen, question, then decide what to do and must very often remember everything in detail for a Court proceeding. As a result I have a rich store of memories to call on. Growing up in Sheffield, which was visited twice by German bombers, through a number of career changes until retiring in Victoria, British Columbia, after emigrating to Canada. Sitting in the back seat of an early R.A.F. jet aircraft being thrown around as a Squadron leader puts student pilots through their paces, or trying to help a Detective Inspector arrest a violent criminal in a pub, where the glasses and chairs are flying are just a few of these memories together with the challenges of bringing a young family to Canada when the Immigration Department had said that they would not lift a finger to help us. A policeman, a detective, a farmer and a short stint working for Pinkerton’s before an appointment as British Columbia's first Consumer Affairs Officer are all departures from the British practice of following one career from leaving school until retirement. In living through an exciting era which has seen another World War and substantial changes in living standards and human attitudes, I have always had the good fortune to work at something I enjoyed. Like Omar Khayam I acknowledge that the past cannot be changed and in a life which has been at times exciting, never predictable and seldom dull, I find that there is little that I would wish to.”

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