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Constable Nigel Wickenden, Lincolnshire Police, is the author of Room for Improvement.  According to the book description, “This autobiography takes us from 1950 when the author was born to 2007. He joined the British Army as an Aircraft Technician apprentice and served in England, Germany and Northern Ireland, also on detachments to Canada, Northern Ireland, Germany, Italy and Guernsey. He left the Army in 1980 and immediately joined Lincolnshire Police. He found a niche on their firearms team which was known as the Firearms Support Group. It was Lincolnshire's part time equivalent of the more famous US Swat. He qualified as a firearms instructor and carried out rapid intervention, rifle marksman and VIP protection duties. He was involved in a number of incidents and helped to protect many of the British Royal family, Margaret Thatcher, Enoch Powell, the US Ambassador Raymond Seitz and the President of Italy. He retired in 2002 and now works at the local grammar school as a Cover Supervisor. This book goes to show that so called ordinary people can have some extraordinary experiences.”



About the Lincolnshire Police Department
The Lincolnshire Police Department is a full-service law enforcement agency in Great Britain.  It is organized into a number of different units such as the Roads Police Unit and the Crime Support Unit.  According to the Lincolnshire Police Department, “The Roads Policing Unit provides patrols on the roads throughout the county. The Unit has bases at Lincoln, Louth, Grantham and Boston. There are more than 70 Roads Policing officers who have many roles including: providing 24 hour firearms support throughout the county; attending and dealing with all serious and fatal road collisions; supporting the police officers based in our three divisions (areas) as they work to reduce crime; and, ensuring that roads are policed positively so that a safe motoring environment is created.


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