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Péter Tarjányi

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Péter Tarjányi started his career in an Hungarian Police Regiment, “which he left for the Special Service of the Police Force in 1991, where he worked in various posts as commander, before heading up the Operations Section and then the Special Section.  After his retirement from active service, with a wealth of professional expertise and long experience, he worked for the FBI Academy – National Training Centre on the preparation of several military and police deployments in theaters of war. Since 1999 he has worked in the private sector as executive and owner of IT, financial and real estate consultancy businesses. He has also appeared in the media as an expert on security.” Péter Tarjányi is the author of Balkan’s Angels II: Diabolical Bond.”

According to the book description of The Balkan's Angels II: Diabolical Bond, “It is mere months after Tom's capture of the Serbian ex-president. He and his unit built a strong bond over the course of their mission, but it is time for them to part ways since the job is done. The reward money helps, and Tom is prepared to finally retire in style. But the Serbian under-world that assisted in the president's capture now feels a need for revenge. They want payback for the violence Tom's unit brought to their country. Suddenly, Tom's unit is on the chopping block. An international manhunt is launched to find Tom and the rest of his team. The mafia doesn't want them in a court of law, however; they want them dead. Tom's own country is of no help, as he is now considered a war criminal of a diffirent kind-a guilty bounty hunter. Now, the team must get back together in order to save their lives and clear their names. Things are quite different now for the whole unit. For the first time in his long, proud career, Tom now finds himself on the wrong side of the law-and it will take a lot more than friendly conversation to get out of Europe alive.”

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