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Akif Manzoor Arain

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Akif Manzoor Arain, Patrolling Officer (Sub Inspector) In National Highway & Motorway Police (Selected from Federal Public Service Commission Government of Pakistan); has the following educational background,  “B. Pharmacy; Bachelor of Arts in Sociology & Political Science as major course and various courses in National Highway & Motorway Police.”  Akif Manzoor Arain is a co-author of Police in Pakistan (A Research Book of Readings).

According to the book description of Police in Pakistan (A Research Book of Readings), “This is a synergistic product of many minds. As part of a Term-Paper-Paradigm, it reviewed Police Literature during Praetorian Guard of 2nd century BC and through various transformations it reached down to Reforming Pakistan Police –- all through the entire Police Literature and various websites in general and with reference to Pakistan in particular –- for the trans-generational sources and roots of the wisdom –- for the loyalty, integrity and sense of quality, all embedded together. It is thought provoking: it is revolutionary, opening new vistas and bold horizons of intellectual endeavors. The Book is thus a unique attempt at the rediscovery of maintaining Law & Order for permanent values: scholarly written and exquisitely presented.”

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