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Irvine Police Department (California)

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About the Irvine Police Department

The City of Irvine is about 70 square miles and contains roughly 210,000 people.  The Irvine Police Department is a full-service law enforcement agency that provides typical law enforcement services such as police patrol and investigations.  According to the Irvine Police Department, “patrol officers operate under the area policing plan and officers, whether a patrol officer, traffic officer or a detective, are assigned to one of three areas. The officers, who are assigned to a geographical area for 1 year, are allowing them to become more familiar with problems occurring in their respective areas. In doing so, the officers' ability to address the community's needs and concerns will be more effective and specific. In addition to the improvements to the way we operate, we are also implementing cutting edge technology to help our officers and civilian employees to be more effective.

Each police vehicle is equipped with a laptop computer, offering powerful computer software that allows officers to locate addresses, create reports, generate maps, and receive calls for service. As technology advances, we too will maintain the most state of the art equipment available. In addition to that technology, police vehicles are also equipped with in-car video technology. These additions to our technological tools will contribute to a safer community. The vehicles are equipped with less lethal weapons, patrol rifles and certain vehicles contain spike strips for stopping pursuits.”

Selected books by Irvine Police Department police officers.

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