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J. R. Lonsway

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J.R. "Randy" Lonsway, Las Cruces Police Department (ret.) is the author of Twenty.

According to the book description of Twenty, "is an exceptional and noteworthy compilation of police stories that range from the humorous, to the deadly, to the somber. At times unbelievable, but always memorable, TWENTY shows cops as they really are, through the eyes of a retired 22 year veteran. It is a hard-hitting, no-holds-barred account of policing that pulls no punches as it takes the reader through Patrol, Detectives, Narcotics, Internal Affairs, and Supervision in the Las Cruces, New Mexico, Police Department. From cops and their domestics, to drinking and philandering, to tremendous acts of courage and shameful cowardice, whether you love cops or hate them, TWENTY will leave you laughing, saddened, shaking your head, and asking why anyone would endeavor to suit up, pin on a badge, and work the streets."

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