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Jack Eden

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Jack Eden was born in Oklahoma.  He received his masters degree from Emporia State University.  After teaching high school for twenty-three years in Garnett, Kansas, he was Director of Community Revival Center Christian Academy.  He served in law enforcement for thirteen years with five years as the Chief of Police of the Garnett Police Department (Kansas).  Jack Eden is the author of Violence its Causes and Cure.


According to the book description of Jack Eden’s Violence its Causes and Cures, “Over the years while teaching in public schools and serving in law enforcement, the author takes note of an increase in violence. Violence that was increasing not only in incident but in magnitude. After hearing a number of solutions to the violence, all much too simplistic, the author tries to first list many of the reasons for violence in our world today. Then secondly the author lists the only sure cure for violence.


The causes for violence in our society or rather in our world today is very complicated. When most are put down in black and white, they seem very logical. The cure for violence is really very simple. Simple, that is, when put down in black and white. When it comes to putting the cure into effect, that becomes a horse of a different color. (Or a color that seems to offend a lot of people or that a lot of people are unwilling to hear.) Check out the causes and the cure and see if you think you can become a part, a factor, in a world more lovable, more peaceful, more exciting.)”

Violence: It's Causes and Cure: Violence: Ending or Don't Hold Your Breath?
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About the Garnett Police Department

Garnett is the county seat of Anderson County and located less than one hour southwest of Kansas City on U.S. Highway 169 in east central Kansas. A commission / city manager form of government with a thorough city plan and zoning system. Municipal police and fire departments are managed by the city.  The Garnett Police Department is located at 131 W. 5th Street.

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