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Jack Trombetta is a retired detective sergeant from the Lower Township Police Department.  Jack Trombetta served twenty-five years, retiring as the bureau command of the investigative unit. He is a certified instructor whose expertise is in criminal investigations, interview and interrogations.  Currently, he instructs at the Cape May County Police Department in defensive tactics and boxing.  Jack Trombetta attended the FBI National Academy and has a BA in Criminal Justice.  In addition to instructing at the police academy, in his retirement he is a high school social studies teacher, teaching "at risk" young people.  Jack Trombetta is the author of Material Evidence: Who Would Want to Steal a Corpse, and Why.

According to the book description, Material Evidence is "a thought-provoking and thrilling investigation into the theft of the body of Jesus of Nazareth. Using historical records Jack Trombetta skillfully uncovers the facts surrounding this event. Follow Marcus and Anthony, two Roman soldiers commissioned by Pontius Pilate to accomplish the mission, as they begin, like all thorough investigations, at the scene of the crime. Readers will simultaneously find themselves inside the home of Plato and lounging at the dinner table with King Herod and Pontius Pilate, as Marcus and Anthony journey to discover the truth. But will the truth change their lives?"


One reader of Material Evidence said, “The facts of this historic event, the resurrection of Christ, are brought to life by the ability of the author to incorporate fictional characters to conduct an investigation and reveal their findings. The author utilizes his investigative background and expertise to provide an investigation with regard to the missing body of Christ. It is completed in a way that keeps the reader interested even though they may be aware of the results. I felt as though I was living the experience, of the fictional characters, due to the well written verbal interaction and descriptive narrative. Material Evidence is a must read for Christians and anyone who enjoys a good mystery that is based on historic fact.”

Material Evidence
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About the Lower Township Police Department

The Lower Township Police Department was officially incorporated in 1955. The Department now has 45 full time police officers and several Class II or part time officers. The Lower Township Police Department is organized into Administrative Services Division, Patrol Bureau, Community Services/Tactical Patrol, Investigative Bureau, Communications Bureau and Records Bureau.


While the Patrol Bureau provides uniformed law enforcement services, the Criminal Investigation Bureau of the Lower Township Police Department, is responsible for identifying and apprehending criminal offenders and for preparing the cases for prosecution. These cases may involve murder, sexual assault, robbery, aggravated assault, burglary, major thefts, arson, drugs and other serious crimes. The Criminal Investigation Bureau also investigates cases of non-criminal nature, including liquor license applications, missing persons reports and firearm applications. Members of the Criminal Investigation Bureau also provide programs to civic organizations in our community. Detectives assigned to these criminal cases often act as evidence technicians, processing the crime scene for physical evidence. The detectives may take photographs, handle and collect trace evidence from the crime scene and dust the area with fingerprint powder for latent fingerprints. Additionally, the detectives interview and take statements from victims, witnesses and defendants.




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