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James Giammarinaro

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Parents, Predators, and Prevention
James Giammarinaro  More Info

About the St. Augustine Police Department
According to the City of Saint Augustine, “The St. Augustine Police Department is charged with enforcement of laws, providing a safe and secure environment, and responding to the changing needs of the community in order to promote a positive and peaceful quality of life for citizens and visitors within St. Augustine. The department strives to demonstrate excellence in professional police service by promoting continuing education for officers and citizens, demonstrating the highest ethical and moral standards, and adapting to ever-changing community needs.”




James Giammarinaro joined the United States Navy in the mid-1980s and served for over five years, including two deployments to the Persian.  He began his law enforcement career when he joined the St. Augustine Police Department in 1990.  During his career he has received an Officer of the Year Award and was promoted to the investigative unit in 2000.  James Giammarinaro is the founder of the Child Safety Team, Inc. and the author of Parents, Predators, and Prevention.


According to the book description of Parents, Predators, and Prevention, “Written by a Law Enforcement Sergeant, this book is your complete guide to learning about abductors, how they operate, and what you as parents can do to prevent your child from becoming the next victim. You will learn: -How to empower your children to become more aware and confident. -How to identify and deter the enemy. -How to prevent the Internet Intruder from entering your home. -Basic self-defense techniques for you and the family”

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