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From England, retired District Police Commander, James Hawkins, weaves more than thirty years of police and private investigation experience into his novels and plays. While he was born in rural southern England James has spent much of his life traveling, and today he splits his time between Vancouver Island in the Pacific, Ontario, England and France.


In addition to being a senior police officer, James is also an experienced actor, television presenter and educator and, before taking up writing full-time in 1996, James was Director of Education at the Institute for Environmental Investigations in Toronto.

According to the book description of Deadly Sin, “Emotions run high when Queen Elizabeth II attempts to heal the schism between Christians and Muslims by attending a London mosque for Friday prayers. David Bliss, newly returned to duty while he tries to find a publisher for his novel, has the task of protecting the royal couple, but is caught off guard when an attack comes from an unexpected quarter.


Meanwhile, Bliss's aging friend Daphne Lovelace needs help. Her elderly neighbours have died and apparently left their house to the family from hell. While Bliss desperately tries to protect the queen, Daphne puts on her oldest coat and takes up residence in a seniorsí home as she tries to discover what really happened to her neighbours. Age apparently catches up with her, and in no time she appears as senile as the other inhabitants, but Trina Button in far-off Canada smells a rat and forces Bliss to take action. Is someone playing God? And what role does Jack the Ripper play?”

According to the book description of Crazy Lady, “The seventh 'and perhaps last' novel in the popular "Inspector Bliss" series is another action packed mystery, filled with nail-biting adventures involving religious sects, criminal conspiracies, and the world trade in cocoa. When an RCMP officer is murdered in Vancouver, suspicion falls upon Janet Thurgood, a woman in her sixties who appears to everyone, apart from Trina Button, to be completely mad. Trina is quick to embroil Daphne Lovelace in her efforts to discover the truth about Janet. David Bliss, meanwhile, tries to stay out of the way in the south of France, where he encounters problems of his own when, to his utter amazement, he rediscovers his one true love. Can he finally pull the trigger and make a commitment?”

According to the book description of The Fish Kisser: An Inspector Bliss Mystery, “In The Fish Kisser, a megalomaniac becomes determined to exact revenge on the Western world through a devious plot of global cyber-warfare. He enlists his own agents to track down and kidnap the experts and educated elite that can help him accomplish the unthinkable. With a series of staged deaths and disappearances, he sets his plan in motion.


When the hired henchmen target Roger LeClarc, an English computer expert with a dark secret of his own, the hunters become the hunted. English detective David Bliss, who chased and was chased around the English countryside in Missing: Presumed Dead, teams up with Dutch detective Yolanda Pieters to solve this improbable affair. Fighting internal politics, stumbling upon government cover-ups, and even battling Saddam Hussein's Republican Guard, together they chase a trail of blood, intrigue, and romance across Europe to Iraq in a desperate search for the kidnapped specialists. Fans of the David Bliss character will not be disappointed as James Hawkins turns the action up several notches.”

According to the book description of No Cherubs for Melanie: An Inspector Bliss Mystery, “Melanie Gordonstone, a cherubic six year old, was Daddy's favourite in every way. So Margaret, her jealous twelve-year-old sister, drowned her in a backyard pool. Inexperience led young Detective Bliss to attribute the girl's death to accident, but Melanie's mother drives herself mad believing her husband to be the killer. Margaret taunts her deranged mother for ten years before putting her out of her misery, hanging her from a chandelier in a faked suicide. Now, frightened for his own safety, Margaret's father sends her to live in a remote Canadian community where he believes she can do no further damage - big mistake!”

According to the book description of Missing: Presumed Dead, “Detective Inspector David Bliss has been transferred from London, England to Hampshire in what appears to his new subordinates and superiors as a move down the career ladder. His first day on the job begins with a murder: Jonathan Dauntsey, son of the Major, willingly confesses to murdering his father. It's an open and shut case, until the investigation stalls when the police can't find the body. D.I. Bliss follows a trail of clues that lead him back in time to the point where the central presumption of the case -- a murdered father -- comes into question. Who did Jonathan Dauntsey murder, if anyone at all? As the mystery of the murder begins to resolve itself, so does the mystery of Bliss's transfer from the big city to a small town.”

According to the book description of The Dave Bliss Quintet, “In this, his fifth escapade, Inspector David Bliss goes undercover once again and heads to St. Juan sur Mer on the Cote d'Azur. His mission is so secret that even Bliss doesn't know why he is there: he knows only that he is tracking down a man the force wants in custody for an unstated reason. But the winds of the Mediterranean provide clues that take Bliss off course and lead him to unravel two of the world's best-known unsolved mysteries: the identity of the Man in the Iron Mask and the location of the stolen Nazi gold.”

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No Cherubs for Melanie: An Inspector Bliss Mystery (Castle Street Mysteries)
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According to the book description of Lovelace and Button, “A bizarre series of suicides by elderly women in England raises the eyebrow of newly promoted Chief Inspector David Bliss, who soon discovers that all the women had recently sent large sums of money to a Western Union account in Vancouver. As Bliss uncovers the truth behind the deaths, old friends Daphne Lovelace and Trina Button are on a road trip through North America, raising funds to help those in need of kidney transplants. But when their fabulous Kidneymobile is found unoccupied with no trace of them, a perplexed Bliss searches frantically for his friends, and the astonishing secret that links their disappearances with the suicides.”

According to the book description of A Year Less a Day: An Inspector Bliss Mystery, “British detective David Bliss returns in the latest instalment of James Hawkins’ popular mystery series. Ruth and Jordan Jackson run a small coffee shop, until the day Jordan returns from a doctor’s appointment with the news that he’s dying of cancer and has only months to live. Ruth is grief-stricken and does everything she can, putting her own life at risk to save her husband. When he disappears from his sick room, Ruth finds herself in prison, accused of murder. Canadian detective Mike Phillips must ask his friend Bliss to help solve the baffling case of intrigue and stolen identities.”

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