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Practical Narcotics Investigations
James Henning  More Info

About the Caroline County Sheriff’s Department

The offices of the Caroline County Sheriff's Department are housed within the Caroline County Correctional Facility. The original building (Center Portion) was constructed in 1906. Total capacity at this time was 24. 


In 1938 Sheriff William E. Andrew was elected and served for 23 years until his death in 1961. His son Louis Andrew completed his fathers term and was officially elected as Sheriff in the next election. When Sheriff Louis Andrew began his term he had only one deputy. During these times the Sheriff and his family resided at the jail. There were no guards employed in the jail facility. During his 34 years as Sheriff his force grew to 17 deputies.


In 1982 the east wing was erected creating 15 correctional officer positions. In 1996 the west wing was erected creating 11 more correctional officer positions. These additions increased inmate capacity to 142. Charles L. Andrew is the Superintendent of the Corrections Department, he currently employs 27 correctional officers.


Sheriff Philip L. Brown began his term in January of 1995 at which time the Corrections Department and the Sheriffs Department became two separate entities. Our department currently employs 1 Chief Deputy, 7 Sergeants, 14 Deputies, 2 Process Servers and 3 Records Technicians.





James Henning is a Corporal with the Caroline County Sheriff’s Department.  He has extensive narcotics investigations experience, including work with the Caroline County Drug Task Force.  He is the author of Practical Narcotics Investigations.


According to the book description, Practical Narcotics Investigations is “for the beginning uniform police officer to the experienced Detective. Geared to be a no nonsense how to guide that is an excellent aid to police academy students beginning their career in law enforcement as well as individuals studying in the Criminal Justice field. This book clearly explains how to complete drug investigations from receiving the informant tip to completing the search warrant.


This book gives step-by step methods commonly used to investigate drug related crimes, from targeting the dealers on the street corner to 'Trash Rip" operations and much more. In addition, investigative tricks and techniques are explained that can build upon even the most experienced Detectives knowledge and background. Not only does this book tell you how to complete various drug investigations but also gives you the case law and legal reasoning behind it.


This is designed so that the officer conducting the investigation has the case law to back up their investigation or actions. Some of the topics covered in this book are: Probable Cause Call Outs, Informant Operations/Handling, Evidence Collection, Surveillance Methods, Asset Forfeiture Methods/Investigation, Police Intelligence/Investigation, Writing Search Warrants, Trash Rip Operations and much more. Real life examples of actual search warrants and forms used in drug investigations are included for your use. This book is an excellent reference manual that can be used throughout an officer's career or college studies.”

One reader of Practical Narcotics Investigations said, “I would first like to start out to say, that it’s about time a book on conducting criminal investigations finally is easy to read. This book is awesome. I had no questions about how to do a drug investigation or any type for that matter, after reading this. I have 3 years as a narcotics officer, and I thought I new a lot on how to do drug investigations. When I got done reading through this...I have a whole new bag of tricks!!! Easy read & must have to do drug work...and the case law is real world stuff that I have run across.”

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