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About the Dallas County Sheriff's Department

The Dallas County Sheriff’s Department has operating budget of over 95 million dollars and employs more than 1,600 people.  Their seven different jails hold an average inmate population of 8,400.  The Dallas County Sheriff’s Department is organized into Administration, General Services and Detention.


The Administration of Dallas County Sheriff’s Department contains division such as Strategic Planning, Media Relations and Internal Affairs.  The Detentions Division includes Technical Services and Inmate Housing.  The Detentions Division is the largest employer, having 63 sworn, 905 detention personnel and 173 clerical staff. 


The Dallas County Sheriff’s Department Office of General Services includes the Special Investigations Division, Criminal Investigation Division, Physical Evidence Section, Intelligence Division, North Texas Auto Theft Task Force, Communications, Patrol Division, Judicial Services Division, Reserve Division, Posse Unit and Courtesy Patrol.


The Patrol Division of the Dallas County Sheriff’s Department has 45 deputy sheriff’s assign to patrol the unincorporated areas of Dallas County.




Captain James Howell has been in law enforcement for over 30 years and is the Commander of the Dallas County Sheriff’s Department Criminal Investigations Division.  James Howell is the author of Copper Eyes and Catching Crimson and the co-author of Emerald Reflections.


According to the book description of Catching Crimson,  "Suddenly, there's a nursing shortage in Dallas." Someone is killing red-headed nurses. Det. Danielle Ramos & Sgt. Chance Bynum must find out who it is...and why, before more killings happen.

Catching Crimson is the second book involving Det. Danielle Ramos and Sgt. Chance Bynum of the Dallas County Sheriff's Department. The story picks up not long after Ramos worked a past serial killer in the first book, Copper Eyes.

Danielle is assigned to a murder case which is quickly becoming a serial murder case...body by body. Chance is the crime scene sergeant assisting in the investigations.

Danielle and Chance are working through separate issues of work, dating (not each other) and a host of other circumstances that plague all of us from time to time. "


According to the book description of Emerald Reflections, “Emerald Reflections is the bed & breakfast chosen by Casey Tomkins, a native Dallas-ite and struggling author, to "get away from it all." She is trying to forget the recent breakup of a two-year relationship, yet still find inspiration for a new novel. Here on a stormy afternoon, Casey meets Alex Kettner. Is it fate or coincidence that they run into each other again at dinner? Their unplanned first date strikes a chord in both of them. Now each must deal with new emotions as they wade through their own personal problems. Little does she know that he is still grappling with three years of memories of the passing of his wife. Set amidst the beauty of coastal Maine, Emerald Reflections holds the secret that will break Casey free of her writer?s block and open doors that will affect her future forever.


According to the book description of Copper Eyes, “Danielle Ramos is a new Dallas County deputy sheriff who recently left the El Paso Sheriff’s Department to move forward with her life following her divorce. The detective’s first murder case in Dallas County thrusts her into the world of a past serial killer who had decided that after twelve years, now is the time to start killing again. Danielle is merely in the way.


Not only does she have to wrestle with a pushy sergeant and an ex-husband, she must also face her worst fears as she comes face to face with the serial killer dubbed Pennyman.”

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