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About the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office

The first Sheriff of Jefferson Parish was S. Kerner who served from 1866 to early 1867.  Today, the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office is a full-service law enforcement agency with an authorized strength of nearly 1600 sworn and non-sworn personnel.  The patrol function of the Sheriff are handled by the operations bureau who are geographically organized into four districts.   Within the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office’s Special Operations Bureau the function of SWAT, Street Crimes, Arson and Helicopter services can be found. The Criminal Investigations Bureau handles typical investigative functions such as crimes against persons, burglary, auto theft, robbery and homicide.

Born and raised in Connecticut, James Hurley is a graduate of Tulane University in New Orleans, Louisiana and a 10-year veteran narcotics agent of the Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office. After moving to Florida, he worked in the financial industry for ten years as a stockbroker for 3 major wire houses. He currently lives in Cape Coral, Florida, where he spends most of his free time writing or on the golf course.  In his 2004 book title “Gone,” “Former narcotics agent Sean Flynn must find Marcus Lowell, a professional money launderer and drug dealer under U.S. government protection. While making final preparations for one last drug deal, Lowell and his associates brutally murder a close friend of Flynn's on a remote Bahamian island and set into motion a number of events that will change Flynn's life forever. Flynn must return to the underworld of drug dealers and killers he left behind years ago. Its familiar territory, only this time the stakes are higher. His life is on the line-and he is no longer a cop.”

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