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James "Jack" A. Jenkins

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Sergeant James “Jack” A. Jenkins, Houston Police Department (ret.), is “a life-long Texan and most of his 20 plus year career was spent in the Vice Squad, dealing with pimps, whores, bookmakers, bootleggers and the like. Narcotics violations played a part in most vice investigations. The latter days of his police career were spent in the Criminal Intelligence Division, where Jack and his squad kept tabs on major criminals and organized crime figures. Jack's squad worked closely with the Texas Rangers, FBI, Secret Service, ATF, DEA and other Federal Agencies. After retirement, he worked for the Texas Department of Criminal Justice, Institutional Division, as a Lieutenant in the Internal Affairs Division. Jack was raised in the city where he served, just one generation out of the Cotton Patch of East Texas. Jack is a mixed blood Cherokee and has traced his family's Texas history back 174 years.”  Jack Jenkins is the author of A Season of Reckoning and May God Have Mercy on your Soul.

According to the book description of A Season of Reckoning, “The light plane, loaded with two million dollars worth of cocaine, drifted through the night sky over the Chihuahua desert searching for a lighted strip in the mountains near the Texas border.  The pilot spotted the strip lined with crude lights.  He made a low pass over the area, set the plane down and taxied to the end of the strip where two vans were located.  He killed the engine and stepped out of the plane.  Two men stood near his door.  He saw the two men fall to the ground and then he fell to the ground - all three very dead.  Several armed men dressed in black, rushed the plane and removed the cocaine from the cargo area.  Another man slid into the pilot's seat, fired the engine up and flew the plane into Texas.

One reader of A Season of Reckoning said, “Jack Jenkins weaves beautiful imagery of west Texas with a strong narrative voice--the resulting story evokes the rough and tumble nature of law enforcement, the trials of falling in love, and the trickiness of border politics.  Plus, Jenkins manages to shine light on at least a dozen other complicated facets of human nature. This is writing you need to take time with: be patient, be open, be ready. Recommended for a time when you're ready to immerse yourself in words that just might have the power to transport you to another place.”

According to the book description of May God Have Mercy on your Soul, “Houston is a big city with a crime rate to match that of most big cities.  Violent crimes occur daily.  On this particular day, Matt Wakesfield, a young HPD Robbery Investigator was dispatched to a robbery by firearms at a convenience store, with added info of "Shots Fired!"  A two-time ex-con had attempted a carjacking.  Matt arrived after the victim was rushed to a hospital by a Houston Fire Department ambulance.  There, he learned Alice Renfro was DOA, and met her husband, Jim.  What followed is a plot for patience, revenge and escape, but Matt was coming after them.”

About the Houston Police Department

The Houston Police Department is organized into four main entities: Administrative Operations; Patrol Operations; Investigative Operations and Support Operations.  The Patrol Operations has the largest number of personnel and is divided into two commands: North Patrol Command and South Patrol Command.  The Investigative Operations are also divided into two commands: Criminal Investigations Command and Special Investigations Command.  The Criminal Investigations Command organizes the detectives like many police agencies, that is, by type of crime.  Detectives in the Criminal Investigations Command of the Houston Police Department work: Auto Theft; Burglary and Theft; Homicide; Juvenile and Robbery.  Because they are seen as more sensitive areas, major police departments tend to break out certain types of investigative functions under a specialized command, or with some specialized police command oversight.  Houston Police Department has chosen this path in its Special Investigations Command which is responsible for Criminal Intelligence; Gangs; Major Offenders; Narcotics and Vice.

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